WATCH: Anupam Kher's Emphatic Response To The Congress For Opposing 'The Accidental Prime Minister'

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Actor Anupam Kher has given out his first response over the controversy that has broken out following the release of 'The Accidental Prime Minister' trailer.

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Actor Anupam Kher has given out his first response over the controversy that has broken out following the release of 'The Accidental Prime Minister' trailer. While addressing the media, Mr. Kher said that people would love the character of Dr. Manmohan Singh. Speaking on the criticism tailing his film, Kher pointed out that the book on which the film is based has been on the public domain for the past four years. 

"An actor's job is to act, a filmmakers' job is to shoot a film and these people have just one job that is to protest. Therefore, I believe that they do not deserve that much of an importance. We have knitted this movie and it has censored as per the constitution and also holds a censor certificate. And only after completing all these formalities, we have started working towards the publicity officially. Let them speak. If they think that their political party is above the law then the law will take its course on this as well. Recently, I had read a tweet by Rahul Gandhi on freedom of expression. So I think he should scold these people that this is wrong. The book is written by Manmohan Singh's media advisor and it in the public domain for the past 4 years. Nobody has said anything about it. People have moved on and ignored it. I think they are giving publicity to the film and they should not do that".

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Responding to the heated reactions from the Congress leaders accusing the film of attempting to malign the image of the former PM Modi, Kher said that the film is based on a book that is written by Dr. Singh's former media advisor. 

"The interpretation is there all out. Tomorrow when we make a film on any subject which is chronicled in a book, we follow it. We have also followed a book". 

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Anupam Kher, among other things, put forth that those criticising his film and making allegations against should instead be hailing his performance. He went on to add that the film should be India's entry to the Oscars and that it had been the most difficult role he had done in his long career. 

"The film was announced two years back and every newspaper knew. My look came into newspapers and now the film is censored. We waited for the film to get censored, whether it was the trailer or whether it is the film then only we announced the release of the film. We have in fact only 15 days left for the film to come out. Energy, money and lot of research has gone into this. Professional people has worked on it. Abroad, when you do a film on Lincoln is made, when you do a film on Gandhi Ji or Margaret Thatcher all the three actors have got Oscars. I should be talking about that that this film, according to me, is India's entry for Oscars and I should be nominated for it. Everybody who is talking about this is saying wow this is exactly like Manmohan Singh. Nobody is talking about that. So, I will say that these people who are protesting should suggest my name for the Oscars for being so close to Dr. Manmohan Singh, so much so that my mother did not recognize me whether it is Dr. Manmohan Singh or it's me".   

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