WATCH: 'Bishop's Associate Threatened Us', Claims Kerala Nun's Brother

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Bishop Mulakkal Franco has been accused of rape by a nun, who has stated that she was 'sexually assaulted' her for a period of two years between 2014 and 2016

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Updated On:

The striking allegations of rape charged by a Kerala nun against Bishop Mulakkal Franco has shook the whole nation, with the matter reaching as far as the Vatican. It is alleged by the nun that the Bishop had 'sexually assaulted' her for a period of two years between 2014 and 2016. These incidents caused the victim to think about taking her life in 2017.

On this matter, the brother of the nun spoke exclusively to Republic TV, and revealed that the associate's of the accused in this case had threatened him and his family of dire consequences. He said, "They came to my house and leveled threats. Two days later, Sister Anupama was offered 10 acre land. She said we will proceed with the case. We recorded and leaked the conversation. I was offered Rs 5 crore. We refused to accept.

"Kerala police has enough evidence to arrest Franco. But DGP and state govt is hesitant to carry out the arrest. Pinarayi govt is keeping votebank in mind. That's why they are not arresting him. Whatever evidence we have, they will keep levelling allegations. The cops investigated the affair and found no substance in that claim."

He further added, "If Franco is arrested, 10-15 more sisters will come forward. The government is holding a meeting tomorrow. We hope a decision to arrest him will be made tomorrow. Fathers in Kerala used to tell people whom to vote. Now people use their head to decide. Since Franco came in 2014, 24 sisters have left the congregation. Franco has political power. When Kerala police went to Jalandhar, the local cops did not cooperate. Bishop wasn't there when the Kerala cops arrived. The Kerala cops insisted they will not leave until they question him."

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Earlier on Tuesday, the accused Bishop Franco finally broke his silence on this whole issue, and issued a stern defense of himself. “I have no reaction on that. The police sat with me and talked for 9 hours. They have taken her statement and mine. There were contradictions in the statement. They have gone back to study the contradiction, to know who is speaking the truth. they will make a conclusive report. I have heard that there will be a delay in the coming of the report,” he said.

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