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WATCH | BJP MLA's Son Threatens To Kill Police Officer In Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh

Written By Koushik Narayanan | Mumbai | Published:


  • Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA Devendra Rajput's son Jasveer Singh was seen abusing and threatening kill police officer Satyendera Pal Singh in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday
  • Jasveer Singh threatened the officer following a heated arguement the official who had remanded two of the former's acquaintance for having a tussle in front of the police station
  • Earlier on Wednesday, Indore police arrested BJP MLA Akash Vijayavargiya for assaulting civic officials in broad daylight

In a brazen attack on the police, an officer was insulted and threatened by the Jasveer Singh who is the son of BJP MLA Devendra Rajput on Wednesday in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, making it the second such incident where the sons of BJP leaders abused and assaulted civic officials and were caught on camera doing so. Visuals show Singh fighting with police officer Satyendra Pal Singh outside the police station after which he is seen threatening to kill the officer.

Jasveer Singh's acquaintances allegedly had a tussle in front of the police station following which officer in charge Satyendra Pal Singh remanded them inside the station for further inquiry, as per sources. Visuals show Singh making his way to the police station and having a heated argument with the officer, asking him to release them as they were known to him, eventually threatening to kill the officer.

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Earlier in the day, BJP MLA Akash Vijayavargiya was arrested for assaulting civic officials along with BJP workers in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The son of the BJP National Secretary was seen hitting the officials with a cricket bat along with slapping them and verbally abusing them as the police turn a deaf ear towards the beating.   

Without showing any remorse, Akash had said that he would not back off and since he is a voted MLA, he would do anything.

He said, "Indore Municipal Corporation is behaving like gundas, they are in tie-up with Congress leaders. I am a leader chosen by the people. I will not back off from the attack. I have been voted by the people to serve them. I will do whatever it takes even if it means lifting a bat and stopping officials. I stand by my actions."

As per visuals, a large crowd of presumably Akash Vijayvargiya's supporters were seen blocking police's path, hindering Akash's arrest.

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Following Akash's arrest, the Indore sessions court has denied him bail in the case. He is set to remain in jail till July 11, as per sources but he is also reportedly going to apply for bail on Thursday.