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WATCH: British Man Selling Jhalmuri Outside Oval Stadium Surprises Cricket Fans

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  • Indian Crickets fans attending World Cup match on Sunday stand astounded on seeing British man sell bhel muri
  • Video of British man selling Indian delicacy bhel muri outside Oval stadium sets the media abuzz
  • He says he learnt the recipe from the masters while on a trip to Kolkata

Amid the World Cup fever taking over, cricket fanatics attending the World Cup match between India and Australia at the Oval stadium were taken by surprise at the sight of an elderly man selling what looked like the Indian delicacy, jhalmuri.

The man named Angus Denoon, a British chef was able to attract a huge crowd of Indians who had come to watch the match by selling the Indian street food delicacy which is a rare sight for Indians living away from home.

The video of the man mixing puffed rice with freshly cut veggies like cucumber, tomato, chilies along with a pinch of tamarind chutney and serving the mixture in paper cones had people hooked and it also made them nostalgic. The video set the social media abuzz, garnering a lot of attention on Twitter with celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan also tweeting about it. By then, the video had also gone viral on WhatsApp.

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While this fellow Britisher treating Londoners with a taste of jhalmuri got the nation talking, there were still some Indians debating whether it is bhelpuri or jhalmuri that he’s making. Many rightly pointed out that the snack was jhalmuri indeed as Denoon himself confirmed the same to a publication.

On questioning what led to his love for this Indian snack, Denoon said to the publication that he had discovered his love for Bengali cuisine during a trip to Kolkata years ago and the only dish he was able to learn how to cook was jhalmuri for it literally required no cooking.

He is a regular at many food festivals and is often credited for popularising the simple snack in the UK.

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