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WATCH: "Can't Target Everyone", Congress Leader Navjot Singh Sidhu Justifies Taking Pro-pak Line, Repeats 'terrorists Have No Nation' Remark

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

A day after Navjot Singh Sidhu insisted on absolving India's western neighbour of its role and has continued to seek dialogue, Congress cabinet minister on Sunday has justified taking pro-Pakistan line saying that "I will stick to my comment". While addressing the media, the Congress leader said,"karta koi hai aur bharta koi aur (Someone else pays for else's deed)".

"I will stick with my comment. Whether it's today, tomorrow or any other day I will stick to my comment. I will stick to my comment that for the sake of few terrorists, we can't stop development. We will not bow down in front of terrorists. We have to kill terrorist motives. If we will do the development work, then only we will demolish their wrong motive. Crush them who targeted us. Terrorist have no nation, religion or caste.  I haven't said don't punish terrorists. Only punish those who are culprits. Someone else pays for else's deed. Don't target anyone else. What is the stand of my critics? I don't care about them. I am not answerable to them. I will answer to people of Punjab. Crush them through war to those who committed the crime but can't target everyone".

Earlier, Sidhu, who a few months back emerged Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's pick to be PM of India, incredibly said after the ghastly attack that "terrorism has no nation", padding it up with his usual Sidhuisms. 

"I am saddened. The bigger point is that it is a cowardly act. Terrorists have no religion, nation, and caste. There is no doubt that a diamond cuts a diamond, a fire kills a fire and anti-dote of poison is poison. However, in places where this kind of situation occurs or war takes place, there is always a parallel dialogue. There should be a permanent solution to this". 

Sidhu's remarks de-coupling Pakistan from not only the Pulwama terror attack but also terrorism as a whole continues his almost year-long trend of championing India's terror-friendly neighbour and putting the Indian government down in this regard.

Similar to Sidhu, Congress leader and former MP Noor Bano blamed the Indian Army for the terror attack. Going against the party line, she insulted the jawans who lost their lives in the ghastly terror attack in Pulwama district. 

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Going against the party line, she insulted the jawans who lost their lives in the ghastly terror attack in Pulwama district. 

"What happened was bad and this will affect us, as in- we don't know how BJP will exploit this and how they will use this attack. Whereas it was the responsibility of the forces, as they knew and they even had their own security and even people telling them that something like this could happen. They had an indication beforehand that an attack like this could happen. So, if they knew that this could happen as channels are stating, then why did they not take any precaution. Nobody else is responsible for this, except their own negligence. If it happened then the responsibility lies with the forces or the Home Ministry of the present government. They knew it all along with the force or the home ministry of the present government. They knew it all along", she said. 

Earlier on Thursday, a blast occurred as a vehicle laden with explosives rammed into the CRPF convoy. Soon after the blast, shots were fired at the CRPF jawans. Nearly 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) jawans were martyred and many others injured.