WATCH: "Congress Is Over," Says Arnab Goswami As The Grand Old Party Faces A Massive Crisis In Karnataka And Goa

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In an unprecedented move, 10 Congress Goa MLAs merged with the BJP party on Wednesday evening, leaving the Grand Old Party reduced to 5 MLAs in the state assembly.

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In an unprecedented move, 10 Congress Goa MLAs merged with the BJP party on Wednesday evening, leaving the Grand Old Party reduced to 5 MLAs in the state assembly. This development came amid the massive political crisis in Karnataka in which a series of resignations from the Congress-JD(S) coalition has left the Kumaraswamy government in a scuffle.

Significantly, following the massive 2019 Lok Sabha debacle, the Congress party is struggling to come back on its toes, more so after the dramatic resignation of their party president Rahul Gandhi from his post. 

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Here's what Republic's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami had to say on the matter:

"Congress is over in Karnataka and Goa. It just evaporated, suddenly boom, disappeared. It is going to happen in Madhya Pradesh as well. Congress is over. Some Congress leaders in Karnataka beat up an MLA who quit their alliance. In Goa, the entire party jumped over and merged with the BJP. Internally, a group of "young" Congress leaders in 40s are trying for the last two weeks to do an internal coup. They are meeting and they have these long sessions in which they decide how should we back-stab Rahul Gandhi. And there's another group in the Congress who are above 75, they have decided to try and do one coup of their own. In the current situation, Congress is over - Karnataka gone, Goa gone, Madhya Pradesh about to go, leader gone, party gone, everything gone, and the two sets are deciding how to fight each other and do a coup. I think that in the coming days, there will be some new political parties in India. One will be called the Congress Ex, made of ex congressmen. One will be called the Congress R, which will have the permanent Congress Rebels. And Ofcourse, one will be called the Congress V-- The Congress Vadra. I predict, that in the next 6 months, Congress will effectively fold up. There will be no Congress left. In its place of Congress, there will be a carcass. A political corpse. One which the Lutyens Lobby will look at lovingly and hope that will start walking on its own again."

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Karnataka Crisis

In yet another setback to the ruling JD(S)-Congress coalition Karnataka government, two more Congress MLAs Dr. K Sudhakar and MTB Nagaraj tendered their resignations to the Speaker, bringing the total number of resignations to 16 MLAs from the ruling Kumaraswamy government. Even as senior Congress leader DK Shivakumar reached the Mumbai Hotel to pursue to rebel MLAs to not quit the Karnataka government, he, along with Milind Deora who went in his support and other Congress leaders were detained by the Mumbai Police.

Goa Crisis

10 Congress MLAs tendered two letters - one to Goa Assembly Speaker Rajesh Patnekar announcing their merger with the ruling BJP and - another to Goa CM Pramod Sawant stating that the strength of BJP has been changed. The Speaker has accepted the resignation letters of the Congress party MLAs, with which the strength of BJP has increased to 27 from 17. 

Rahul Gandhi resigns

On July 3, Rahul Gandhi dramatically resigned from his post as the Congress president, taking responsibility for the loss of the Grand Old Party in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Following his resignation, it has been a week and the Congress party is still struggling to find a new chief, amid the difference in opinion between the old guards and the young leaders of the party. 

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