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WATCH: DCW Chairperson Swati Maliwal Demands Strict Action After Horrific Assam Mass Molestation, Says 'can't Expect Change Until Severe Punishment Meted Out To Those With Mindset Of Rapists'

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Published:


  • Delhi Commission for Women Swati Maliwal on Wednesday spoke to Republic Media Network about the horrific incident of molestation of women in Assam
  • In a shocking incident, 42 women from a dance troupe were molested in the state and forced to strip in front of 700-800 men
  • Maliwal has demanded that severe punishement be meted out to culprits of such action

Delhi Commission for Women Swati Maliwal on Wednesday spoke to Republic Media Network about the horrific incident which took place on June 7 in Assam's Guwahati where 42 women from a dance troupe were molested and forced to strip in front of 700-800 men. Seven men have been arrested by the Assam police.

"This is a shameful incident. It shows what the perception has become (about women), just because the they dancers. The crowd had the gall to ask the women to strip, misbhave with them, molest them despite the fact women being classical dancers. This is so shameful. This incident took place several days ago but the arrest took place today after people started talking about the incident and demanding for the arrest of the culprits.

"I don't understand how the police force functions in the country. Why didn't the arrest happen on the day of the incident? What action will be taken after the arrest? Will they be severely punished? People do not fear (the law).

"As per Delhi Police records, there have been 31,000 crimes against women and children in three years but the action was taken only in 150 cases. Until there is severe punishment meted out to those with the mindset of rapists, what change can we expect?

"The tickets were sold and bought saying that there was going to be strip show. So those who sold and those who bought are in the wrong and in that case why did they only arrest six people? They should arrest all men present there.

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"What kind of mentality are we spreading, there are so many porn sites, many children porn sites are also accessible. What will change if we encourage such a mindset?

"I appeal to the PM, there should be a system in the country, if someone does something to a girl there should be strict against that person and there should be action first against politicians as they lead the crowd astray saying that they can do anything.

"The government must pay attention as there are horrific crimes taking place. The eyes of the girl raped in Aligarh were gouged out, the Kathua gangrape.. the eight-month girl who was gangraped... these girls are not safe, women are not safe...

"The Prime Minister made a law ten days after coming to power that child rapists must be given death sentence within six months but the laws are not implemented,"

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