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WATCH: Former CBI Director Asks Neeshal Modi To Come Forward As 'witness' In Nirav Modi-PNB Case

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Neeshal Modi, younger brother of Nirav Modi, in a telephonic and messaging conversation with Republic TV revealed to 'not having any contact with his brother since the past 5-6 months
  • After the revelation CBI Director DR Karthikeyan urged Nirav's brother to come out in the open and join the investigation

In what will be one of the major revelations in the PNB scam which rocked India earlier this year, Republic TV has managed to track down the prime fugitive-accused in the case, Nirav Modi, who is on a runaway ever since the stunning Rs 12,000+ crore PNB bank scam came to light. Republic TV has also tracked Nirav's brother Neeshal Modi down, who claimed to not having any contact with his brother for 5-6 months. Neeshal also claimed that he was in fact a victim, who is "a small guy in a big kind of situation," trying to suggest he has no role in the PNB scam.

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Following the revelations by Neeshal , speaking exclusively to Republic TV, CBI Director DR Karthikeyan urged Nirav's brother to come out in the open and join the investigation.

 "Whatever it is, he (Neeshal Modi) should join the investigation. If he is innocent, he should come and join the investigation. He cannot hide and say he is innocent. He should come and join the investigation, and prove how is he innocent," said the CBI Director.

"If he doesn't join the investigation, he will be a suspect. Avoiding the investigation is also amounting to pleading guilty. If he is innocent, he should come out and join the investigation. Come out openly! If he is hiding, then we presume he's guilty," he added.

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Earlier on Thursday, investigation by Republic TV revealed that Nirav Modi is currently residing in London, and has two residences in the capital of UK. The fugitive fraud-accused's first hideout is located in London's fashionable and central Westminster area, on the thirteenth and top-most floor of an upscale residential building. The flat number on the thirteenth floor is No.103. The door opposite to it, 104, has an 'Om' symbol on it.

Nirav Modi's second hideout, which is listed on the CBI's extradition note, is in a fancy luxury apartment block located next to the Tower of London. He's been shuffling between the two addresses for the last few months. 

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