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WATCH: From OROP To Super-speciality Hospitals And Women Fighter Pilots To Gallantry Awards, PM Modi Lists His Government's Efforts To Benefit India's Armed Forces Personnel - Past, Present And Future - At National War Memorial Inauguration

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a detailed account of his government's efforts towards ensuring well-being, prosperity and inclusiveness within the Armed forces, while addressing a rally of Ex-Servicemen ahead of the inauguration of the National War Memorial in New Delhi. 

PM Modi spoke about how the National War Memorial, which honours India's post-independence martyrs, had been on the anvil for decades but was only being completed now - fulfilling a commitment made in 2014.

He then came to another commitment the government had delivered on - One Rank One Pension:

"You are witness that OROP hasn't just been initiated, but Rs 35,000 crore has been disbursed. Accordingly, the government's pension budget has increased to Rs. 1.12 lakh crore", the Prime Minister said, reminding those assembled that a previous government had claimed that OROP would only entail an expenditure of Rs 500 crore.

He also mentioned related figures such as, "Pension has been increased by 40%, and serving Jawans' salaries have been increased by 55%", and added that other facilites are also being worked on, including an online system to facilitate easy pensions. The Prime Minister also put forth that the government is working to ensure that those injured at the LoC defending the country will be able to rest assured that their families will benefit from their pension.

Taking into consideration another long-stated demand, this over the provision of a super-speciality hospital, the Prime Minister said that the government would be building not one, but three super-speciality hospitals.

He also spoke about spreading awareness about the valour, bravery and strength of the forces, remarking on how Army Day, Navy Day and Air Force day are celebrated with much more fervour now, to ensure that even a child knows aobut them, and how the government had launched the Gallantry awards portal towards the same end.

In terms of inclusiveness, the Prime Minister spoke about how for the first time, women are getting the chance to be fighter pilots, and how more decisions such as this are being taken, concluding that the country's Jawans are a guiding light for the government's ideology.