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WATCH: "Government Has Complete Discretion On Whom To Give The Land", Says Dr Subramanian Swamy Calling Mediation A "sterile Exercise" After The Supreme Court Reserves Its Order

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

The Supreme Court on Wednesday reserved its order on whether the politically sensitive Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute can be adjudicated through mediation. On February 26, the top had said it would pass an order today on whether to refer the matter to a court-appointed mediator.

A five-judge Constitution Bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi asked the contesting parties to explore the possibility of amicably settling the decades old dispute through mediation, saying it may help in "healing relations".

Speaking to media post the Supreme Court hearing, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy ruled out all possibilities of mediation and said that if mediation takes place then the "case will take another 20 years"

"Take compensation for the land otherwise this battle might take another 20 years. The government would be willing to give compensation to both parties. Give Sunni Waqf Board adequate compensation then hand over the land to either Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas. There is no space for mediation. The issue is very clear. The issue of faith is crores and crores of people". 

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When Republic TV asked Mr Swamy as to why he is striking out mediation, the BJP leader gave out 3 parameters to back up his argument: 

"I am not saying that mediation is not a possibility. They can always try to have mediation but it will be total sterile exercise. All the parameters have been already fixed".

He then listed three reasons to evaluate his argument:

  1. The land belongs to the government. And even if they win the title suit anybody, they will not get the land. They can utmostly get compensation for the land. 
  2. Narasimha Rao government had already committed that the land would be given to the Hindus if there is a pre-existing temple. 
  3. The Supreme Court constitutional bench had said that the Masjid can be shifted anywhere and it is not an essential part of Islam whereas a temple built on Prana Pratishtha can only be built where it was and it is always a temple. 

"So, on these three conditions, all that is left for the government of India is to handover the land to Hindu Nyas", he added. 

When asked about why the Supreme Court is considering mediation:

"Because mediation is always preferable but I think Sunni Waqf Board is not ready to budge an inch. What is there mediation that we will share the land half and a half. we will not agree. So, where is the mediation? If they say we will go somewhere else and please give us the Money to build a Masjid then that's mediation", Mr Subramanian Swamy said.

Later, while speaking to Republic TV, he summed up his views in four points:

1. "There is no possibility that any court order can make the government part with the land. Government has complete discretion on whom to give."

2 "Former PM Narasimha Rao has made a commitment that if there was a pre-existing Temple, he'd give land to the Hindus. That commitment has to be kept." 

3. "Masjid isn't an essential part of Islam, it can be shifted, so shift it." (to the Muslim parties)

4. (When asked about 'mediation', he offered to the Muslim parties that land for building a Masjid would be made available, just that they should vacate the Ram Janmabhoomi site) "I suggest a compromise: ask the Muslims parties to go and build their Mandir there. I'm telling you I'm mediating, 'I'll give you the land. Go and build it there'.

"We are sitting together and immediately proposing that there's land you can build the Masjid, clear this Ram Janmabhoomi", he concluded.