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WATCH: Here's What Happened When PM Modi Was Off Stage During Bankura Rally In West Bengal

PM Modi's rally in Bankura district of West Bengal on Sunday saw a massive crowd, the glimpses of which were shared by Modi on Twitter.

As the battleground for the Assembly elections in West Bengal is getting ready, the voters are stepping out of their houses in large numbers, clapping, raising slogans in support of the candidates and the parties in rallies. On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stepped down from his chopper and covered the distance to the stage in Bankura district of West Bengal, waving the enthusiastic followers. 

PM Modi shared some glimpses of the crowd's response before his Bankura rally. "Moments before the Bankura rally. Humbled by the enthusiasm," he wrote on his official Twitter handle. 

Central schemes ended up in scams in WB

On the stage, PM Modi once again launched a blistering attack on the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee for not letting the benefits of central schemes trickle down to the people of the State. "All the central schemes that were to be delivered through the state government have ended up in scams," he added. 

Reminiscing the TMC- regime in the region, he stated, "Didi, you have only made hollow announcements, hollow promises in the last 10 years, and have not really worked. Where is the work you claim to have done?"

"You keep saying Khela hobe but the State has already decided that this time Khela shesh hobe," he said while vividly outlining that the people of  West Bengal are going to choose development over anything else. "Didi is going, development is coming," he added. 

West Bengal elections

The West Bengal Assembly with 294 seats will also go to the polls from March 27, 2021, in 8 phases. CM Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress holds 222 seats at present. However, BJP has made major inroads in the state in the Lok Sabha elections winning 18 seats out of 42 and establishing itself as the major opposition force in the state. The BJP is using its booth-level strategy and has regularly dispatched its top leaders including Amit Shah and JP Nadda in the state for winning the upcoming West Bengal elections, with the Prime Minister also addressing mega-rallies there in recent weeks. The party has also been inducting a number of major TMC leaders on a regular basis and plans to hold at least 1500 rallies and assorted road-shows in total.  The counting of votes will take place on May 2.

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