WATCH | Here’s Why Modi Government’s Rafale Deal Is Cheaper Than The UPA Deal

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Here's what the Rafale deal papers say

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Congress' Rafale lie has been exposed completely as Republic TV accessed documents that show how the NDA finalised the deal at a lower bid than the UPA. The critical Rafale papers accessed exclusively by Republic TV, show for the first time, that the NDA government obtained better jets at much cheaper prices.

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  • UPA government was ready to pay Rs 1705 crore compared to what the NDA government has paid, which is Rs 1646 crore with enhancements, pointing out that the Modi government has paid Rs 59 crore lesser than what the UPA government has decided on.

  • Without enhancements, the UPA decided on paying Rs 1627 crore per jet, while the NDA government has paid Rs 1372 crore. As per the number the NDA government’s deal Rs 255 crore cheaper than the UPA deal.

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  • As far as the total cost of the deal is concerned, the UPA was ready to pay Rs 1,72,185 crore whereas the NDA is paying Rs 59,262 crore for the same. The number signifies that the the Modi government is paying Rs 1,12,963 crore less than the UPA government. The lesser number is also due to the lesser number of jets.
  • As far as the average cost per aircraft is concerned, the UPA government was willing to pay Rs 911 crore per jet, whereas, the Modi government has estimated the cost to be Rs 688 crore - which is Rs 223 crore cheaper per jet.

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  • For the total cost of the aircraft, the UPA was about to pay Rs 1,10,772 crore, while the Modi government has expected the cost to be Rs 24,785 crore - which is a difference of Rs 85,987 crore, purely because of the number of total jets.
  • As far as weapon + support equipment is concerned, the UPA was willing to pay Rs 15,823 crore, whereas, the NDA government has paid about Rs 8955 crore - which pertains to a difference of Rs 6868 crore.

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  • As far as India specific enhancements are concerned, the UPA was ready to pay the same cost as the NDA is paying, i.e., Rs 9855 crore,
  • As far as training + technical assistance is concerned, the UPA was willing to pay Rs 14027 crore while the NDA government is paying Rs 5897 crore - which is Rs 8130 crore cheaper than the UPA’s.
  • For the infrastructure, the UPA government had kept aside Rs 17,884 crore, whereas, the UPA has allocated no money for it.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi had said in the Parliament that the Modi government’s deal with France was much higher than the UPA government.

Meanwhile, former Defence Minister AK Antony too has questioned his the deal by seeking re-examination.

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