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WATCH: 'Is It A Crime?,' Asks Gun-toting Suspended BJP Dancer MLA Pranav Champion Blaming Media, Opposition And Everyone But Himself

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • BJP MLA Pranav Champion blamed the media move the viral video, saying that he is being 'targeted by the press unnecessarily'
  • A video went viral earlier in which he can be seen brandishing guns and dancing to Bollywood item songs in drunk condition
  • The BJP MLA claimed it is a conspiracy against him

After being suspended over the viral video in which he can be seen brandishing guns, BJP MLA Pranav Champion blamed the media saying that he is being "targeted by the press unnecessarily". Speaking to media on Wednesday over the viral video, the BJP MLA who was seen brandishing guns and dancing to Bollywood song in viral video alleged that it is a conspiracy by the Opposition.

"I have got a very humble submission to make that I am being targeted by the press unnecessarily at the behest of the people who are my detractors. In 2015 also when my wife was fighting Zila Panchayat elections, a video was made viral, in which I am dancing with ladies, but I was dancing with my wife. So this way they are putting false allegations. In a similar way, a video went viral in which I have shown that in my constituency I have access to SIIDCUL. And I thank CM Trivendra Singh Rawat for that. And not there would be hundreds of factories in the area and many people will be getting the services there. They will get employment. That was unacceptable to my detractors and my Opposition in politics. And they fished out this video I don't know from where somewhere 3-4 years back and they just made it viral," the BJP MLA said.

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Blaming media over his viral video, Pranav Champion went onto question the reporter asking if he has done a crime drinking alcohol and brandishing guns, which he claimed were licensed and not loaded. He alleged that the video went viral as part of a conspiracy by the Congress and Opposition.

"I have a humble submission for the press. Whenever any negative things come for Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion, the whole press of India congregates and takes it out and when I do a positive thing, no one does credence or notice it. This is something very outrageous I have to complain about it. This is a conspiracy against me and I will file to the nail against it. They are all licensed weapons, they are not loaded. I am not pointing towards anybody, I am not threatening anybody, what is the crime. Tell me the crime. Is drinking alcohol a crime? Is keeping licensed weapon a crime? This is a conspiracy against me, well-orchestrated by Congress and Opposition," he added. 

In the video that surfaced on Wednesday morning, BJP MLA from Uttarakhand's Haridwar was seen brandishing guns while dancing on Bollywood item song from film Karan-Arjun. He was carrying guns in his both his hands and dancing, while sipping liquor from a glass kept in the table beside him. There are several men around him who are dancing and handing guns to him. The MLA can be seen holding guns in his hands and mouth and posing and dancing while others capture pictures and videos of him. 

As per reported, the BJP MLA was suspended by the party earlier last month, over such similar kinds of complaints. 

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