WATCH: Kashmiri Youth Activists Speak On 'harmful J&K Dynasties'

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Kashmiri Youth Activists Asif Plaiser and Sajid Yousuf slammed the Kashmiri dynasties and spoke about ‘New Kashmir’, during a conversation with Republic TV

Written By Jay Pandya | Mumbai | Updated On:

Speaking to Republic Media Network’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Kashmiri Youth Activists Asif Plaiser and Sajid Yousuf slammed the Kashmiri dynasties and spoke about ‘New Kashmir’. On being asked the question that who are the real representatives of Kashmir and the situation in Kashmir, Sajid Yousuf said, “I am not representing any political party, and I know the ground reality in Kashmir as I have been working there for five to eight years.”

'J&K dynasties have harmed the Kashmiris'

Sajid Yousuf spoke about the Mufti dynasty and said, “Mehbooba Mufti’s daughter Iltija Mufti and her brother have parachute landed in Kashmir after the Article 370 was repealed and now they have become the real representative of Kashmir. We have been there for eight years and we are being called traitors.”

“Why are these people of Mufti dynasty called the representatives of Kashmir? Does Kashmir belong to them only? It is completely wrong. The middle ground is over, now you either have to be with India or with Pakistan. My personal stance is clear.”

Asif Plaiser said that the politics of NC and PDP have harmed the people of Kashmir the most.

Plaiser said, “NC and PDP have betrayed the people of Kashmir, there has been no development because of them.”

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'Mehbooba Mufti's daughter doesn't know ground reality in Kashmir'

Earlier, while speaking in Republic Bharat’s show ‘Puchta hai Bharat’, Kashmiri Activist Asif Plaiser slammed Mehbooba Mufti and her daughter saying that they don’t know the ground reality in Kashmir. He said, “The youth in Kashmir want development. Mehbooba Mufti’s daughter does not know the ground reality in Kashmir. The Mufti and the Abdullah dynasties had destroyed Kashmir and its people. We want to move forward, let us move forward. Everyone knows how many innocents have been killed in Kashmir.”

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'Politically motivated protests'

Sajid Yousuf termed the protests which happened in the JNU over the abrogation of article 370 as ‘politically motivated’. Sajid Yousuf said, “The protests in JNU were done by politically-motivated people who were present there. I wonder on what issue were they protesting.”

“370 is finished and these people should accept it. They need to realise that this is 2019 and it’s not the era of the 90s. The voices of the Kashmiri’s cannot be suppressed. I am an Indian and I have the right to speak.”

“Kashmiri people want their rights which other citizens of the country have. After Article 370 was abrogated, Kashmir has become a ‘new’ Kashmir. We also demand the same things which a Delhi citizen has.” He further added, “Those who support Pakistan, those people are in jail today. I want the development in Kashmir.”

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