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WATCH: Omar Abdullah Accuses Government Of 'Kashmir Alienation', Asks Whether It Is Punishment For 'Muslim-majority Legacy'

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Omar Abdullah has questioned the government over its silence on reported attacks on Kashmiri students
  • He has alleged that the government is milking benefits out of the distress of Kashmiris
  • As part of his attack, he claimed a communal motive behind Kashmiris being 'punished'

While decrying the reported attacks on Kashmiris around the country, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah has questioned the government's silence, but in doing so, has given the issue a communal colour by asking whether Kashmiris were being "punished" for their "Muslim-majority legacy."

The Abdullah scion deplored the situation of Kashmiri students who he claimed were being 'alienated' from hotels and education organisations, and went on to accuse the government of 'pushing them out of the mainstream' and failing to condemn the issue. 

He said, "Do you think alienation will not happen? It will only increase with this. Those people who were recieving education from other countries were pushed out, when boards were put up in hotels that everybody would be given rooms except Kashmiris, when travel agents are writing on social media that we won't send people to Kashmir but to Himachal, Uttrakhand with this alienation will increase." 

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He went on to say that the government is milking benefits out of the distress of Kashmiris and further questioned as to who would be held responsible if these Kashmiris 'get on the streets with stones in their hand.'

"So for all those students who went out with the hope to get an education, tomorrow, I hope not, but get on the streets with stones in their hands; will you be responsible or those who are being pushed out of the mainstream be responsible? We are not responsible, responsible are those who are trying to leverage the political benefits out of this," he added. 

He questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his silence on the situation, specifically referencing Meghalaya Governor Tathagata abysmal call for a complete Kashmir boycott

Omar Abdullah said, "And here we thought this would be condemned on the highest level. We were expecting the Prime Minister to speak up, and condemn the Governor. Although the Prime Minister maintained his silence on a lot of things, at least the Home Minister should have said something, that these things are not allowed and would be investigated. But all we got was silence." 

However, Abdullah went on to give the matter a communal taint, asking if the if the Kashmiris are bearing the brunt of atrocities because of their 'Muslim-majority legacy'. 

He said, "When in Chhattisgarh, in a bigger incident than Pulwama, where more CRPF jawans are martyred, nobody spoke of Chhattisgarh boycott or no hotel stopped the people of Chhattisgarh, no governor even said don't go there for tourism or buy their products. So what is our fault? Is it because compared to other states, Jammu and Kashmir has a legacy of Muslims majority. Will we be punished for this over and over again? Would we be doubted for this?" 

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