WATCH: "Only Weapon That Pak Has Which We Don't Is A Bag Full Of Lies", Says Major Gaurav Arya Breaking Pakistan's False Bubble As IAF Shoots Down F-16 That Intruded Into Indian Airspace

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A Pakistani F-16 fighter jet that violated Indian air space on Wednesday morning was shot down by the Indian Air Force. 

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:

"This is a very very stupid and immature attack by Pakistanis", said Major Gaurav Arya after a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet that violated Indian air space on Wednesday morning was shot down by the Indian Air Force. The intruder aircraft was shot down as India retaliated to the incursion. Immediately after India brought down Pak's F-16, Pakistan begged India to not escalate the situation. Moreover, the Pakistani Media was asked to not report the incident. 

Major Gaurav Arya spoke about India's successful strike and said that the "Pakistan is trying to save its face as it is under pressure. 

"There has been this case of us shooting down F16 near the border across the LoC. Fighter jets are flying all over the place and I have got news that our combat patrols are in the air and they are trying to find out if any other incursion is taking place. This is a very very stupid and immature attack by Pakistanis. They should have waited. They should have waited for the right opportune moment. They did not. They got under pressure".

Referring to Indian Air Force air strike on Wednesday after they crushed Pakistan terror camps to a pulp in a matter of 17 minutes, Major Arya said India Army is leaving no stone unturned and is going hammer against Pakistan.

"Yesterday, when we struck them at 3:30 am the early morning. Now, for them, it has become a face-saving exercise. They launched their attack and we shoot down one F16 and combat patrols are flying. We are on the job. The Air Force is on the job. Republic TV is bringing you information every second from the LoC. The LoC is on fire and the Indian army is going hammer and tongs against Pakistan".

In the wake of the tension between India and Pakistan, world countries like US, Australia, France, and others have issued statements condemning Pakistan for breeding terrorists on their soil and asserted that the world's patience on terrorist safe havens is running thin. Major Arya says that the world has always recognised India as an emerging superpower. Furthermore, he has warned Pakistan that if they continue to use their bag full of lies then there will be no escape as India will unleash all its force to combat terrorism. 

"For years and year, countries like America have constantly been telling India that you are an emerging superpower and start behaving like an emerging superpower. We have been quiet for so long. Today, the world is gathering around us is simple. People always favour those who are brave. People favour those who are strong. India was always strong but we kept our bravery in check.  Yesterday, at around 3:30 am when we hammered targets and today the world has come to recognise that India is power and it can unleash its Air Force. God forbid if it comes to that but if it then also Navy and then heaven help Pakistan. Pakistan has got no weapon and the only weapon that Pakistan has which we don't is a bag full of lies and terrorists which they are using in full effect"      

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