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WATCH: PM Modi Sets Numbers Straight In His Blistering Attack On Congress For 'spreading Lies' Over Employment Figures

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Showing the mirror to the Opposition for 'spreading lies' over employment figures, PM Modi said his government has achieved in 55 months what the Congress couldn't in 55 years.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his speech in the Lok Sabha on Thursday, launched an all-out attack on the Congress party for neglecting the employment sector during the 55 years of UPA governance. PM Modi in his address provided an extensive division of numerical figures pertaining to the percentile of employment opportunities created for organised sector and unorganised sector, slamming Congress on their allegations that there is job crisis in the nation.

"Even during the 55 years of governance, no standard arrangements were developed for creating jobs. It was not even the agenda of the past governments to include employment in their plans - and I would blame people who are indulged in the greed of power. We came and worked for employment. If in 100 sectors, new jobs are being created, a token survey is done on 7-8 sectors out of them and a report used to be compiled - now the time has changed, parameters of employment have changed. I would like to tell the truth to this house - 'Danke ki chot par kehta hoon'," PM Modi said in the Parliament. 

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He further stated that enough jobs have been created over the past five years. Here are the figures provided by PM Modi:

Unorganised sector provides almost 85-90% of jobs.

Organised sector provides only 10-15% of jobs - "this is the truth".

He went onto provide the numbers of the 10 per cent employed in the Organised sector:

From Sept 2017-November 2018 - "In the past 15 months, 1.8 crore people have registered on the EPFO (Employee's Provident Fund Organisation) forum, out of which 60 percent are under 28 years of age. This means, most of these 60 per cent people have got their first job," he said.

In addition, he said, "In March 2014, 65 lakh people were enrolled for the National Pension Scheme. That number has increased to 1.2 crore people until October 2018. Can that happen without employment?"

PM Modi further said in the last four years, 6.35 lakh new professionals have been added to the country's workforce.

"Every year, people under 'non-corporate taxpayers' category filing the income tax return who provide their salary, they don't get a salary but their salary to their employees. In the past four years, almost 6.35 lakh new professionals are added. Do you still think that a doctor or CA who gets opens his own professional business does not provide a job to anyone else? And these are the numbers of the formal sector."

Speaking about the unorganized or informal sector, he said:

"Transportation provides the highest amount of jobs: In the past four years, 36 lakh trucks/commercial vehicles were sold, almost 1.5 crore passenger vehicles were sold and 27 lakh auto-rickshaws were sold. In the transport sector, 1.3 crore people got job opportunities. The hotel sector, almost 50% of growth has been witnessed in the sector. Are these hotels empty, not providing jobs to anyone? App-based companies have seen growth in the past four years. Under the Mudra Yojna, people getting the loans has raised to 1.4 crores in the first time. More than 2 lakh new common service sector have been opened in the rural sector, which worked for more than 15-18 hours. Highways, airports, railway stations, houses have been under construction at double the speed."

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