WATCH: PM Modi's Nostalgia-filled Anecdote On The Amazing Way He And His Childhood Friend Would Watch Films, In Response To Akshay Kumar's Question

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened up on the smallest things in his life in a ‘completely non-political interview’ with Akshay Kumar on ANI. WATCH: PM Modi's nostalgia-filled anecdote on the amazing way he and his childhood friend would watch films, in response to Akshay Kumar's question

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s life has been an open book and even most children of the country might be aware of most aspects of his journey from childhood, becoming Gujarat Chief Minister and now the Prime Minister. However, not many know about the smallest things in PM’s life, like his daily habits, hobbies and more. PM himself opened up on it in a ‘completely non-political interview’ with Akshay Kumar on ANI. The Prime Minister revealed how he’d watch films for free with his friend in childhood and that he's watched only two films, Anupam Kher's 'A Wednesday' and Amitabh Bachchan's 'Paa', but none since becoming the PM. 

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In the interview, Akshay asks PM Modi, “Do you watch films?” 

PM Modi replied, “I’m not able to watch films now. In my village, there was a theatre and I had a friend named Dasrath. His father would sell nuts outside the theatre. And all of us villagers would call him Laxmanbhai theatrewala. We all knew him so we would go and sit over there. And if audiences in the theatre were less and there were seats, we would sit outside. He’d ask the owner, ‘Please allow the kids in?’ So we would get to enter the theatre for free. We would watch movies and that used to be the only way we would watch movies in our childhood. Since then, life took such a turn that I don’t get the chance to watch.

PM then revealed, "When I was the CM, Amitabh Bachchan ji had come, he was insistent that I watch his film ‘Paa’, so I went with him. Once Anupam Kher ji visited and he made a film on terrorism, ‘A Wednesday’, I had gone to watch it with him."

Akshay then asks the Prime Minister if he has watched any film after becoming the PM and he replies, “I have not been able, at all.” 

The actor then asks PM about his own film ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ that took on from PM Modi’s own movement to make toilets in the country. PM Modi responded, “I couldn't watch it, but I told many people to go watch it and told how films on social issues can be made and it can work too. The social message in it was good.” 

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PM then goes on to share why the lack of cleanliness is among the reasons why tourism is suffering, apart from health issues and other troubles. He shared that’s the reason he decided to make it a movement that resulted in 9 crore toilets being made in the country. PM credited the people of the country that took it up on a big scale. 

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