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WATCH: Questioned By Media, Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar Sees Red And Lashes Out

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Haryana CM Khattar engaged in a heated exchange during a media interaction
  • Khattar took issue with a journalist who questioned him over an alleged administrative failing of his government
  • The Haryana CM took issue with the questioning and launched into a lecture about the media

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar got himself embroiled in a heated back-and-forth with journalists on Saturday when he was posed questions during an interaction.

Khattar was in the process of answering over the issue of delay in addressal of grievances received on 'CM window' when an instance of cross-questioning drew his immediate ire.

In the video of the interaction, Khattar, with almost a dozen microphones in front of him, says that the wrong policies of previous governments are to blame. A reporter seems to suggest that an internal inquiry that was conducted in the matter was biased, and as each of them speak up to emphasise their points, Khattar loses his cool and asks "Who are you?" in a demeaning manner.

Khattar then launches into a lecture on the media, opining that the media should ask questions and not level allegations. He says that he knows more, even as the journalist speaking to him continues to protest. Finally, Khattar tells the journalist to learn journalistic etiquette and states that he doesn't want to listen to the media-he wants to listen to the people, and that the journalist should 'correct the way he talks'.

Here's a transcript of the conversation:

Manohar Lal Khattar: The complaints are a result of wrong policies formulated by the previous governments. Still, most of them have been solved...

Reporter: (Unclear)

Manohar Lal Khattar: No, this is not the case. Listen to me, I am inquiring. Listen, who are you? Media doesn't talk like this. Media asks questions. Media doesn't accuse, Media asks questions... ask questions. Listen to me, ask questions. I know more than you. I know more, friend. My friend, I am aware. 

Reporter: If you knew things would not have gone this way

Manohar Lal Khattar: It is happening. Even yesterday I suspended two people. These journalist.. learn etiquette. Learn the etiquette of media. I don't want to listen to you, I want to listen to the people.

Reporter: You have to listen to the media. 

Manohar Lal Khattar: No, I don't have to listen to the media. Media can only ask. Media is a medium. Media is a medium. If you convey people's opinion, it's fine. Correct the way you talk.

Watch the full interaction in the video above.