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WATCH: Rahul Gandhi Shares Video Citing Engine Trouble On His Flight To Patna, Gives Update On His Rallies

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Congress president Rahul Gandhi posted that he had engine trouble in his flight from Delhi to Patna on Friday morning, as a result of which he was forced to return to the capital. His three rallies will be delayed as a consequence, he's Tweeted.

Taking to the microblogging platform, Rahul Gandhi shared a video from inside his plane. The video begins in the jet's cockpit where two pilots are steering the craft through some amount of turbulence.

The person recording the video then heads back into the cabin where Rahul Gandhi is seated. The Congress president then orders the person to "Tweet it off otherwise they'll say you were delayed" and the video ends abruptly right there.

His post along with the video read:

"Engine trouble on our flight to Patna today! We’ve been forced to return to Delhi. Today’s meetings in Samastipur (Bihar), Balasore (Orissa) & Sangamner (Maharashta) will run late. Apologies for the inconvenience."

The same video has been retweeted by the Congress party.