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WATCH: Republic Tracks Down Nirav Modi's Uncle Mehul Choksi's Scam Team Who Appear To Have Fled After Allegedly Duping Investors

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • As part of the investigation into Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi's business dealings, Republic TV has tracked down and called members of Choksi's team
  • The calls were made by Gitanjali Gems franchise owners who asked about business concerns. However, their concerns went largely unanswered as most of those called had already left the company

As part of the Alpha Files investigation into the business dealings of Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi, Republic TV tracked down members of Gitanjali Gems MD Mehul Choksi's team, asking them questions about their operations.

Gitanjali gems franchise owners called up staff employed in Choksi's business development team, seeking information about 'stock' and the ongoing situation with regards to their money.

In reply, the franchise owners got a number of virtual non-responses, as all those who were called had allegedly exited the company, mostly in the last few months and declined to furnish new information. The ones who are still employed by Mehul Choksi claimed to have no additional knowledge. 

The phone calls throw into sharp relief what franchise owners and investors in Mehul Choksi's business are likely facing at this time, with their funds stuck and future business uncertain.

Earlier, Republic TV had spoken to a pair of franchise investors, as well as a person who had invested 106 kg of Gold with Choksi. Both sets of people alleged they had been duped. 

On Monday, as part of the Alpha Files, Republic TV also spoke to Santosh Srivastav, former President and MD at Gitanjali Gems who detailed an alleged fake diamond operation run by Choksi and also shed light on the purported round-tripping of diamonds.

Republic TV also spoke to the auditors of PNB, who went on record for the first time to state that they had flagged the fraud undertakings of diamond czars a number of years ago.

Earlier, the Alpha Files have had vastly expanded the size, scope and scale of the Mehul Choksi-Nirav Modi scam and also showed, how despite a court order, the Police in Karnataka went slow on Mehul Choksi.