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WATCH: Republic TV's Pooja Prasanna Establishes Contact After Being Attacked By 100-strong Mob And Confronts Rahul Easwar

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  • Republic TV's South Bureau Chief Pooja Prasanna was attacked by a mob of more than 100 men at Nilakkal enroute Sabarimala
  • Here is her confrontation with Sava Sabarimala campaigner’ Rahul Easwar
  • Other journalists were also attacked and pelted with stones

Following the attack on Republic TV’s South Bureau Chief Pooja Prasanna and her crew by a mob of over 100 men at Nilakkal en route Sabarimala, she re-established connection with Republic TV’s newsroom and narrated the about what happened during the attack, and also confronted ‘Save Sabarimala' activist Rahul Easwar.

Have a read at Republic TV’s South Bureau Chief Pooja Prasanna's confrontation with Rahul Easwar

Pooja Prassana: “There is another lady reporter from The News Minute is also being attacked as we speak. The men are throwing stones at the other reporter. While there is a lot of police force trying to help us, but the people are still attacking us and the police. 

Pooja Prasanna: “I want to point one thing before we were trying to leave from Nilakkal to here we had filed a written appeal to the police on record to give us adequate protection because we were not allowed to go. Even if we were given protection, we were attacked.

(Line got disconnected)

Rahul Easwar: "We deeply apologize for the attack. I am absolutely sorry for the attack. I will file a complaint against the attack.

Pooja Prasanna (after being re-connected to Republic TV newsroom): "We were attacked when we were inside the police van. Right now we are being taken to the police station. Stones are being thrown at us even right now outside the police van. Police is also being attacked. Lathis have been snatched from police personnel by the mob”

“We are trying to get inside police station because there seems to be no place safe here. We were not at Sabarimala shrine. We were on our way to Pamba. We were at just stone thrown away from the location where the Congress party and BJP workers were protesting three days ago. I begged the mob to let go my driver and camera person because they had no role to play in this. At this point of time, they are safe and with us. I refuse to believe that this could not have been avoided. They broke down the law and order to such an extent. I want to question Rahul Easwar.”

Rahul Easwar: “I deeply apologize for the inconvenience”

Pooja: “With due respect, your apology means nothing to me”

Rahul: “That particular person has brought shame to us”

Pooja: “It was not one person. It was a mob of more than 50 people”

Pooja: “We have approached every police person here to give us safety because at least 5-6 time I was trying to pass through the way. I asked them Why are stopping me, we are just trying to go to Pamba. In front of the police personnel, they are threatening me and police was doing nothing. People who have been talking about women safety on camera are all answerable today because mine was not the only case today Mr Rahul Easwar. What we have seen here is the termination of the tactics that you have thrown to us. All those statements that you said seem like nothing now. I hold everybody who is instigating the mob responsible for what happened to me and my fellow journalist and other women who are tortured.

Rahul Easwar: “We don't say only to say it. We genuinely believe in Mahatma Gandhi. We will file a complaint. We will find out who they were”

Pooja: "I am sorry but there is nothing Gandhian when people are attacking me with lathis Mr Rahul IEaswar. There was nothing Gandhian about it. Our lives are at stake here.

Rahul: We will file are complaint about it.

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