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WATCH: 'Robert Vadra Must Answer How His Close Aide Bhandari Got Confidential MoD Documents', Union Minister Smriti Irani Raises Pertinent Questions

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Union Minister Smriti Irani conducted a press brief to highlight Robert Vadra's indulgence in black money and a request to issue a non-bailable warrant against his personal assistant Manoj Arora by the Enforcement Directorate. She further condemned the state government accusing them of the chaotic situation in Kerala.  

She said, "On Saturday 'damaadji' (Robert Vadra) was making national headlines. It'll be wise to quote newspapers who reported that the Enforcement Directorate in front of the Court has requested to issue a non-bailable warrant against Robert Vadra's close associate Manoj Arora. It will be wise to tell the nation, that Manoj Arora's digital documents were acquired when an income tax raid was conducted in the house of fugitive arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari. Sanjay Bhandari who is currently on a run, and a friend of Robert Vadra. As headlines suggest ED has told the Court that Robert Vadra with black money has bought a house worth 9 million pounds in London whose number is 12 Bryanston Square London. As per media reports for the maintenance of the house, 66,000 pounds is spent by Robert Vadra as per ED's statement."

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"The digital documents suggested that Robert Vadra could have acquired the money with the aid of his close aide Manoj Arora. ED also claims that Manoj Arora is not being co-operative in investigations. BJP and the responsible citizen of this country appeal to Congress that Manoj Arora who is not co-operating with the ED must present himself transparently. However, Robert Vadra should have been questioned," she added.

Speaking of the "demolished law and order" of Kerala listed the statistics of the state. she said, "Through this press brief, Id like to tell the citizens of India that in Kerala the way law and order is demolished that no ordinary citizen is safe in the city, neither is the country's Parliament. I'd also like to say that in Kerala the social and political situation is such that there are around 1286 cases registered against people. The situation in Kerala is such that 37,000 thousand people stand accused by the state government that is compelled to crush the spirit of the state. It is noted around 3170 people have been arrested just because the citizen of Kerala is voicing against the state government," she said. 

"BJP denounces the attack on BJP leader V. Muraleedharan's ancestral home in Kannur district amid the protests in Kerala by a country-made bomb." 

At the press brief, Irani even addressed the controversial "wink" of Rahul Gandhi at the Parliament on Friday. She further asserted that she does not expect 'sanskar' from him, but he should have maintained the decorum of the lower house. She even addressed the Congress president's comment on Prime Minister Modi. 

She said, "Rahul Gandhi comments on the Prime Minister's competence, then I'd say the country is not under such bad days that an incompetent person like him who acquired everything in the name of his family will now distribute the certificate of competency."

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