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WATCH: Sadhguru Issues Clarification Over 'Taliban' Comment At Muslim Student, Cites Term's Different Meaning In Arabic

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Sadhguru claimed that 'Taliban' was used as a humor, and that in Arab language the world means 'an ardent student' 

Following the disappointment expressed by the London School of Economics (LSE) student' union, spiritual guru Sadhguru has issued an apology, clearing his stand over the 'Taliban' comment on a student. 

Jaggi Vasudev aka Sadhguru issued a clarification following a clip that emerged of him referring to a Muslim student as 'Taliban' during his visit to the University in London. 

As soon as the video made its way onto social media, his reference induced strong criticism towards the Sadhguru, claiming his comment to be 'casual Islamophobia'

However, in a video shared on his official YouTube, he said, "It is not in my heart to insult anybody, especially not this wonderful young man with so many aspirations and intentions for the world."

Within his apology, he noted how the 'private conversation' was 'mischievously edited' and went on to clarify the actual meaning of 'Taliban', apart from fundamentalist terror organisation functioning in Afghanistan. 

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However, he claimed that 'Taliban' was used as humor, and that in Arab language the world means 'an ardent student' 

He said, "I would like to tell all those concerned that the word 'Taliban' in Arabic means 'an ardent student' This is always used in terms of those who are enthusiastic, in India the usage of the word Taliban is largely about how everyone is over-enthusiastic and in that context I was joking with Bilal (student), its very unfortunate that it been projected this way."


Here is Sadhguru's apology video

A video that was recorded on the sidelines of the University, wherein a conversation Sadhguru colloquially referred to the Muslim student as 'Taliban'

The LSE statement read: The LSESU confirms that such comments do not have a place on campus and are to be condemned. If the comments were made in jest, this does not lessen their impact – the words still offend. Such incidents, if not duly denounced, aggregate to create a culture where casual Islamophobia becomes acceptable and, as such, we implore Sadhguru to release a formal apology to the student body with regards to the statements made

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