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WATCH: San Francisco-bound Air India Flight Catches Fire At Delhi Airport, Airline Releases Statement

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:

In a shocking incident, a San Francisco-bound Air India Boeing 777 flight caught fire in Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) on April 24 night at Delhi airport. The fire incident took place while the aircraft was still at the bay and a routine technical examination was underway. The plane was empty at the time of repair work and the fire was doused off immediately.

Releasing a statement in the matter, the airline has stated there were no passenger on the plane at the time of the incident, which took place while the maintenance work was going on.

"Yesterday night at Delhi when an engineer was doing a routine technical examination of an empty aircraft(777) APU auto shut down took place. Airport personnel observed black fumes from the APU exhaust and believing it to be a fire hazard sprayed APU and part of the fuselage with foam spray. After this event, APU was examined by opening its cowlings and there was no traces of any burn or external damage noticed except for the minor OIL leaks traces, which was normal," Air India said in the statement.

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Air India has been in the news recently after it announced to lend a helping hand to Jet Airways.

Air India Express, the international budget arm of Air India, is examining the possibility of leasing some Boeing 737 aircraft of grounded carrier Jet Airways. The airline has hired over 150 cabin crew staff from Jet Airways for its international routes on the Boeing 777 and 787 aircraft to manage passengers on board their international flights to London, Dubai and Singapore.

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