WATCH: SKMC Principal Rubbishes 'Skeletal Belongs To Animals' Claim Made By Muzaffarpur DM, Says 'report Has Been Sent To Bihar Government'

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As Republic TV investigates the matter further, the Principal Bikash Kumar said that the bodies neither belong to medical college nor are of animals. 

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The hospital horror continues in the state of Bihar with the Sri Krishna Medical College, Muzaffarpur superintendent shifting the blame on the Principal of the medical college for not overseeing the process of cremation of the bodies. As Republic TV investigates the matter further, the Principal Bikash Kumar said that the bodies neither belong to medical college nor are of animals. 

In a telephonic conversation, the Principal rubbished the claims by the district magistrate that those were animal skeletons and that they were used by students of medical college. 

Principal Bikash Kumar said: "These bodies don't belong to the medical college. Only unclaimed bodies are meant for such studies which are then sent to the anatomy department.
Everybody not meant for study, we have criteria. Most are donated bodies. One body last for studies for nearly a year and these bodies are preserved and prepared, said Bikash Kumar. 

Elaborating that the skeletons are not of animals, he said: 

"Yesterday the DM had said the possibility of the skeletons of belonging to animals. No such bodies in the premises. Bodies can't be burnt within the college premises. I have submitted the report to the DM. Whenever we handover the bodies to the police where they cremate them is entirely up to them. I have written letters to the SP as well
to creamate the bodies within 2-3 days and inform us."

On DM's seeking report, he said that he has submitted the report:

"In the report, I have said bodies remain with us only for 72 hours post which the police are supposed to take them. I have written that Police should take the unclaimed bodies within 48 hours."

In a horrific revelation,  human skeletal remains were found in the premises of Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital on June 22. 

Meanwhile, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy CM Sushil Modi have been silent about the Encephalitis outbreak, with the former slamming the media saying it to 'stay in limits' and the latter asking reporters to 'leave the press conference if they want to ask about the death of the children'.

Moreover, gates of the Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital was shut from the morning of June 20 and patients were not allowed inside the hospital. This was done to provide VVIP treatment to LJD leader Sharad Yadav who came to visit the patients in the hospital by unsealing the gate for him and then sealing it again. Patients' family and kin allege that VVIP treatment and visit by ministers further hamper the proceedings in the hospital.

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In yet another bizarre claim, Prem Kumar, Minister of Agriculture in the Government of Bihar said that it is a conspiracy against 'litchi'. 

Republic TV also asked the Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan about the steps taken by the Centre to combat the disease that has been in the state for many years. 

"Indian government is supporting the state in giving good treatment to the patients to contain the infection and is providing with pediatricians, epidemiologists, specialists, ICMR experts. When I had taken charge as Union Health Minister, within 4-5 days I had dispatched these facilities to tackle the epidemic as soon as early cases had been reported," he said.

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