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WATCH: Smriti Irani Tears Apart Congress Workers For Heckling A College Student For Wearing 'NaMo Again', Says It Reflects "the Gunda Character Of The Party"

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

In a shocking incident, a third-year college student was attacked, heckled, intimidated and physically threatened by Congress workers on Wednesday at the venue of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's event in Varanasi. The college student, identified as Aparna Vishwakarma, was gheraoed by the Congress workers as she was wearing a 'NaMo Again' t-shirt and speaking to media persons at Assi Ghat. 

Speaking about the incident to Republic TV, Union Minister Smriti Irani mounted a blistering attack on Congress leaders for their "Gunda gardi". 

"I think that the Varanasi incident is not a stand-alone incident. A few days ago in Rae Bareli as well, a gentleman walked up to Congressmen who were screaming abuses against the Prime Minister and asked them why would you accuse the Prime Minister? All the Congressmen ended up beating him and the media was there to witness the entire incident. So, today the fact that Congres goons were heckling a girl only because she was wearing a T-shirt supporting Narendra Modi, I think it is the manifestation of the Gunda character of the Congress party. The fact that it was done at the direction of General Secretary is appalling. This is a second incident that has happened in Uttar Pradesh knowing that the public does not support them and support Narendra Modi, the Congress will now resort to violence."

Furthermore, the BJP leader stated that "Congress party knows that it's on a losing streak and their frustration is evident with such event".

"I am grateful that today there are multi-media opportunity to speak about such incidents. Social media today provides a platform for citizens to be more and more aware. Imagine the kind of Gunda gardi Congress party is used to. They do it knowing that their leadership will protect them. What was the problem with the girl wearing Modi T-shirt? Everybody has the right to have their own political ideology. Today the Congress party knows that it's on a losing streak and their frustration is evident with such event. It is shameful that it was done at the direction of a female Congress leader to heckle the girl". 

SHOCKING: Third-year College Student Attacked And Physically Intimidated By Congress Workers For Wearing 'NaMo Again' Sweatshirt At Priyanka Vadra Event

Earlier, In the dramatic sequence which has been caught on tape from start to finish, the third-year student, wearing NaMo Again t-shirt, is being interviewed by Republic TV's reporter. As she airs her views, Congress workers step forward to eavesdrop, and as she says that she is a fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, they begin to interrupt the interview by casting aspersions. As matters escalate, the Congress numbers increase and they begin to get louder. Eventually they begin raising slogans and arguing with her simply for airing her views.

 This shameful incident has come only a day after the crackdown by the Karnataka police on a group of people who raised slogans in support of PM Modi outside the venue of the Congress' event in Bengaluru where party president Rahul Gandhi was making an address.

That incident had taken place on Monday following a large number of people raising "Modi, Modi" slogans after which policemen are seen chasing away the people at the Manyata Tech Park. Condemning the attack, BJP chief Amit Shah launched an all-out attack at the Congress after the party's government (Congress-JD(S) in Karnataka took action against PM Modi's supporters.