WATCH: Staring Death In The Face, Doordarshan Journalist Recorded The Maoist Ambush In Which His Colleague And 3 CRPF Jawans Were Killed

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One day after the heinous ambush, Republic TV has accessed footage of the Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh's Dantewada

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Updated On:

A cowardly attack by Maoists on security forces in Chhattisgarh resulted in three CRPF jawans getting martyred, while a Doordarshan video journalist, Achyutananda Sahu, also lost his life. A number of other jawans also got injured, whereas another journalist, colleague of the now deceased DD journalist, suffered injuries.

A day after the attack, Republic TV has accessed seven different videos, which were shot by Mor Mukut, the aforementioned DD journalist, who survived the attack. The videos which he managed to take show the manner in which the attack unfolded.

In the first video, he could be seen sitting on a bike behind one of the jawans on an under-construction road. In the intervening time between the first and second videos, the attack has taken place. In the second video, he's cowering in foliage just a few metres from the road. It's clear that there still is a threat, and the CRPF jawans accompanying him scope out the area. As the footage progresses, he's heard moaning, clearly in pain. He desperately asks for water, even as the CRPF hurriedly call ambulances using their walkie-talkies, advising that they drive carefully.  Gunfire can still be heard.

A while later, more CRPF personnel have arrived. This time, Mor's request for water is met with a positive response. As he takes the water, he and the personnel share a lighthearted moment, saying 'this is life'. He then asks if it's safe, but before he can get a response, another CRPF personnel advises vigilance and asks someone to cover a particular position. Later, more CRPF personnel arrive and they speak about avenging their losses, vowing to track down each of the Maoists.

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Mukut, who had taken all of these videos, had also taken a video of himself when the attack was taking place, with the firing of shots heard in the background. In that video, the DD journalist could be seen bidding goodbye to his mother, fearing his life may well come to an end.

"Terror attack has happened. We are in Dantewada for election coverage. We were passing through this area. Army.... Army.... Army was with us. Suddenly they surrounded us. Maoists. Mummy if I escape alive.... It will be my luck. Mummy, I love you a lot. I may be killed in this attack. The situation is not right. I don't know why but seeing death before me, I don't feel scared. It is difficult to survive here. There are 6-7 jawans with us. They (Maoists) have surrounded us from all sides. Even then I will say this...," he said.

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