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WATCH: Woman Who Was Brutally Attacked By Gujarat BJP MLA And His Supporters Narrates Her Ordeal, Asks 'where Is Women's Safety Under BJP Raj?'

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:

Nitu Tejwani, NCP leader from Naroda, who was brutally thrashed by BJP MLA Balram Thawani in broad daylight on Sunday, narrated the ordeal of the attack on her by the legislator and his supporters. 

Speaking to the media, Tejwani also spoke about a similar incident that happened 4-5 days earlier. Talking on the incident, she said that she had approached Balram Thawani over the water crisis in the locality, however he did not listen to her and slapped her and her husband after they attempted record his behaviour. 

"I asked him to not to cut the line of the water for two days. But without thinking, he started abusing me, then he dragged out. I realised that he being a councillor is behaving like this, so I asked my husband to record a video of his treatment with me. But the moment my husband started shooting the video, he (MLA) slapped him. There is video proof of that incident, she said.

Later, stating that when the water crisis increased, she approached Balram Thawani, the BJP MLA of her locality once, over the problems faced by the residents. She said that when she went to meet him with other women, Balram Thawani and his supporters brutally assaulted her, along with her husband who was trying to save them. Lashing out at the BJP government in the state and PM Modi-led government in the Centre, she raised questions on the safety of woman under the current government. Meanwhile, she added that she has filed a complaint with the police in the matter. 

"After that for 3-4 days, we were not getting good quality water at our homes. So I went to meet Balram bhai along with few other women with the plan to talk to him about the problem. But instead of talking to us, he slapped me and kicked me. He put his shoe on my face. My husband came and tried to save me. But then Balram bhai's supporters started hitting him. I have only requested to the Modi sarkar. Modiji says that a woman is safe in out BJP. A woman is safe when there is BJP. Where is the woman safe here? His party's own MLA is behaving like this. Even after being a councillor, he is thrashing and hitting me. Where is the woman safe in BJP raj? I have filed a complaint," Nitu Tejwani added. 

The video of the shocking incident that has gone viral on social media now, shows Naroda BJP MLA Balram Thawani mercilessly attacking Nitu Tejwani in broad daylight, with his supporters slapping her and kicking her. 

SHOCKING: Gujarat BJP MLA And His Supporters Brutally Thrash Woman In Public Over Water Complaint