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Where Is Jantar Mantar Gang Now?: Annamalai Pans Lobby Over Soldier's Murder By DMK Leader

K Annamalai came down heavily on the "Jantar Mantra" gang that is silent over the murder of Indian Army jawan Lance Naik Prabhu by the DMK leader.

The BJP leader said that CM Stalin must apologise publically for the way the issue was handled (Image: ANI/Republic)

Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief K Annamalai came down heavily on the "Jantar Mantra" and "candlelight march" gangs who are staying silent over the murder of Indian Army jawan Lance Naik Prabhu by DMK party leader. Speaking exclusively to Republic TV, the BJP leader questioned the "ecosystem" that is camping for the BBC but staying silent over the death of the Army jawan.

Speaking to Republic TV over the murder of the Army's soldier by DMK councillor Chinnasamy, Annamalai expressed gratitude to Republic Media Network's Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami for bringing up the issue. "We all know how this issue was covered up. February 8 this happened and in the last 4-5 days they tried everything possible in their hand to make sure this issue never comes out," he said.

"The worst part is that in a village we know that when somebody is in the Army, everybody in the village knows this is the Armyman’s house. In this case, the accused person is a sitting DMK councillor who fully knows this is the Army’s jawan’s house because he is the voter also," said Annamalai, adding that the Army jawan was attacked over the trivial issue with a rod by the attackers. 

Annamalai slams DMK over army jawan's murder

The BJP leader said, "He (the victim) was admitted to the local and no proper treatment was given. The police did not take the issue properly in the initial days and then he passed away. When the local Tamil media were trying to hush it up, thanks to national media, especially Republic TV, who brought it the national attention. After that, the local police were forced to arrest the DMK councillor."

Annamalai slammed the DMK saying that CM MK Stalin-led party's spokespersons are calling the Army jawan's murder "a small issue". "DMK is putting salt over the wound. Yesterday their spokespersons started talking one after the other saying ‘it is a small issue and not a big issue, what is there to talk’."

"Chief Minister is not even opening his mouth from yesterday, trying to keep mum. That’s why people of BJP Tamil Nadu are protesting in Krishnagiri and across Tamil Nadu in front of the Collectorate. I will also be personally sitting for a day of fasting, three days from now. It’s very unfortunate and very sad," he added.

The BJP leader said that CM Stalin must apologise publically for the way the issue was handled as it gave a wrong message to the nation. "What is the message we are giving from Tamil Nadu? That we don’t care for the Army? I feel very sad and shocked. Tamil Nadu is not what the DMK represents. Every Tamil person feels outraged by what has happened. This does not represent our culture," he told Republic.

'Where is the Jantar Mantar gang?'

The BJP Tamil Nadu chief also lashed out at the lobby for staying silent and doing nothing over the murder of the Army jawan. 

"What about this Jantar Mantar Gang? Are they sleeping now? What about the candlelight March gang? If a cat dies in Delhi, immediately with candles they come, they attack Modi ji and BJP. There is one gang that lives here, that camps outside the BBC office waiting for Samosa and tea. What are they doing now? An Army personnel was literally lynched, killed. What are they doing now? Where is the outrage?"

"The ecosystem is sleeping now. Because the DMK is also part of the system. They are busy defending what is happening on BBC. Defending BBC’s lies," he added.

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