'Why Don't You Stop Campaigning And Make Films Instead Then, If They're So Effective?': Vivek Oberoi Takes On The Opposition's 'propaganda' Claim Against 'PM Narendra Modi' Biopic

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Vivek Oberoi appeared on a livewire edition of Poochta Hai Bharat - Arnab Ke Saath on Republic Bharat on Monday, hours after his upcoming release - the 'PM Narendra Modi' biopic -

Written By Aliza Noor | Mumbai | Updated On:

Vivek Oberoi appeared on a livewire edition of 'Poochta Hai Bharat - Arnab Ke Saath' on Republic Bharat on Monday, hours after his upcoming release - the 'PM Narendra Modi' biopic - was cleared by the Delhi High Court and also the Bombay High Court which disposed off the petition seeking a stay on its release. Opposition parties have attempted to impute a political motive to the film, which will now release on April 6. 

Partaking in a debate, Vivek Oberoi spoke on a range of topics related to the film and otherwise.

When Arnab Goswami, the Editor-in-Chief of Republic Media Network asked him,

 "Kapil Sabil said on March 26 that you are a BJP stooge. The three producers of this movie are affiliated to BJP. Even Vivek Oberoi is. Did BJP tell you to work in this film?"

Oberoi charged up and explicitly said,

"Let me clarify this in the very beginning. I am not with the BJP, I am with the country. One who is good for the country is good for me. I believe in this nation."

He was then asked, "You're not answering me. Did people from BJP talk to you, call you, or tell you explicitly to do this film?"

Oberoi then went on to say,

"Sibal sir is a respected intellectual. But if this logic works, then shut down everything. Stop the campaigns and make such films, if that is how you think that things work. If you think that by making a film, you can win the elections, that a film can turn around things during elections then why are you working so hard and campaigning from one village to another?"

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Oberoi then went on to praise the Prime Minister, saying that 'he is not just a hero for me, he is the hero for the whole country.' Talking about the opposition he also said that if they are so fearful of this 'Chowkidar's cane (lathi) then they should 'handle that on their own end and leave us alone'.

The movie has been in the limelight ever since the trailer came out. It has been accused of being propaganda by the BJP and of entailing a violation of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) that the Election Commission of India had issued last month. During the debate, the movie was also discussed in terms of the fundamental right to freedom of Speech and Expression and using the same right for political gains by the parties today.

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