Acute water shortage faced by Bhojtal lake in Bhopal
Acute water shortage faced by Bhojtal lake in Bhopal

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With Water Crisis Looming Over Bhojtal Lake, Bhopal's Mayor Calls For An All-party Meet

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  • With water level in Bhopal's Bhojtal inching closer to dead storage level, city Mayor Anand Sharma has callef for an all-party meeting
  • The Bhopal Mayor has demanded a package of Rs 100 crore from the state to deal with the crisis and has promised to appeal to Chief Minister Kamal Nath as well

On account of the drying up of the Bhojtal lake in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), the city's Mayor, Anand Sharma, called for an all-party meeting to tide over the increasing water crisis.

Situated on the western side of the capital city, Bhojtal, also known as the Upper lake is the primary source of drinking water for the residents of Bhopal. Built in the 11th century by King Bhoj during his tenure as the King of Malwa, the lake is not only of cultural and social relevance but is also habitat to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

With Bhopal predominantly housing an agrarian community consisting of farmers, Bhojtal also serves as a primary source of water for their irrigational purposes. However, the increasing temperature accompanied by dry spells has brought about a depletion in the water level.

The lake is facing an acute water shortage and is on the verge of drying up, thereby raising serious concerns from the residents who are solely dependent on it for their source of drinking water. 

 Speaking to ANI, Mayor Anand Sharma said “In the last few years, the blessings of rain gods haven’t been much in the area. Hence Bhopal’s ‘bada talab’, which is the city’s lifeline, could only get filled to 50% of its original capacity. And now this has raised the issue of the water crisis.”

 With the incessant human activity and ecological damage, the Bhojtal, once full of scenic beauty now lies in tatters and is close to reaching a dead storage level.

In a bid to assure the residents, Sharma said that he has already met the state minister Govind Singh on Monday and demanded a Rs 100 crore package to tackle the situation. He also promised to talk to Chief Minister Kamal Nath.

"This is right that there is water crisis as Bhopal has grown immensely and different sources are used for water supply. I appeal to people to use water judiciously. The municipal corporation is monitoring the situation and we will ensure supply of water through tankers in affected areas"

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