'Allow Nusrat Jahan To Practice Religion Her Way': Zeenat Shaukat Ali

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Reacting on a Muslim cleric calling Nusrat Jahan 'unIslamic', Zeenat Shaukat Ali quoted the Quran and said, " Let there be no compulsion in the religion." 

Written By Misha Bhatt | Mumbai | Updated On:

A Muslim Cleric, Mufti Asad Kasmi on Monday called Trinamool Congress MP Nusrat Jahan's participation in the Durga Puja as 'unIslamic'. Reacting to the allegations on Nusrat Jahan by the Muslim cleric, activist Zeenat Shaukat Ali quoted the Quran and said, "Let there be no compulsion in the religion. If she (Nusrat Jahan) wants to do something it is none of his business. She is not a Muslim for his sake but she is that for her own sake."

Zeenat Shaukat Ali said that it is not anybody's business to talk about the religious practices of Nusrat Jahan.

"She must be allowed to practice her religion as she thinks it. It is between god and her and he (Mufti Asad Kasmi) has no business and nobody has given him the authority," she said.

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Talking about the clergy system in Islam, Zeenat said that Islam does not have clergy and that each person is their clergy. Therefore the Cleric has no right to issues any fatwas against anybody or to pass comments of this kind.

Stating her humble opinion on the matter, Zeenat Shaukat Ali said, "Nusrat Jahan is her own person and, it is between god and her. How she practices it and what she does is between God and her and I don't think that anybody would want His comment."

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Nusrat Jahan at the Durga Puja in Kolkata

Trinamool MP Nusrat Jahan celebrated Durga Puja with husband Nikhil Jain, at a pandal in Kolkata. In what may be called the highlight of her celebrations, she along with her husband played dhaak at the Suruchi Sangha pandal of Kolkata. 

The controversy around Nusrat Jahan

Ever since Nusrat Jahan was elected as Member of Parliament from the All India Trinamool Congress party in the Lok Sabha elections, she has been constantly surrounded by controversy. Her wedding with businessman Nikhil Jain made the Muslim clerics speak against her. She also became the centre of attention when she took the oath as an MP in the parliament wearing bangles and with sindoor applied on her hairline. She also attended Jagannath Rath Yatra at ISKCON temple in Kolkata, creating ripples within the Muslim hardliners. Talking about religious harmony, Nusrat Jahan had said that all religions speak of unity and peace and she believes in celebrating all festivals together.

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