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Zika Virus Not A Pandemic But Of Grave Concern As Compared To COVID-19: Top Medical Expert

As per top experts, the Zika virus is of 'grave concern' the total number of Zika virus cases reported in Kerala is 28. A high alert has been flagged in Kerala

Zika virus


The total number of Zika virus cases reported in Kerala is 28, as per recent data provided by the Kerala Health Department. As per top experts, the Zika virus is of 'grave concern'. A high alert has been flagged in all districts of Kerala regarding the mosquito-borne Zika virus. The first person detected with the virus was a pregnant woman in the state. 

Zika virus isn't a pandemic but is of grave concern: Dr Naresh Gupta

Dr Naresh Gupta, director-professor in Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC) in Delhi, said, "Zika virus isn't a pandemic but Zika virus is of grave concern as compared to Coronavirus. Coronavirus is spread across individuals in huge numbers but with a mortality rate of 0.2%. Most of them tend to settle down and the recovery rate in our own country is also close to 98%, despite all these big numbers." He went on to say, "Zika is a virus of grave concern. Zika virus is something that is occurring in local outbreaks. So, I think if it's occurring in a given state or place, sentinel surveillance must have picked up these cases."

With wider testing, Zika virus can be controlled

Dr Naresh Gupta added to this statement saying, "Whenever there is an outbreak, they are usually in big numbers. It isn't a pandemic. However, one must not underestimate such figures. Even in the case of the Coronavirus, there are three thousand varieties that occur in the bats. So, if you look at other viruses, there are thousands of viruses. Most of these viruses will keep coming and going whenever we have fear."

“This is a known virus. Maybe there is an unknown variant of this virus. We need sentinel surveillance, which means if you know that you have a disease coming up about which we were/are aware of some of the symptoms, that's where detailed lab analysis becomes very important. Then you can identify the different viruses. I am sure that, once they have done the surveillances and picked up these cases with wider testing, they would be able to control it."



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