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ASG Satya Pal Jain Condemns Threat Calls To SC Lawyers; 'agencies Will Take Action'

Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Satya Pal Jain condemned the threat calls to top Supreme Court lawyers in relation to Prime Minister Modi's security breach

Image: PTI/Republic World

Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Satya Pal Jain condemned the threat calls to top Supreme Court lawyers in relation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's security breach. ASG Satya Pal said that Indian security agencies should take cognizance of the matter so that no one was able to threaten the integrity and unity of the country. 

Speaking to Republic, Jain said, "The section of the people living in Canada and America for a long time is trying to spread hatred among different sections of society in this region. They are using all sets of threats by sending calls and SMSes. So far, common Punjabis are concerned, they are secular and nationalists over the years. Whether it's Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians they have maintained solidarity and unity. I think this is a determined section outside India that are trying to provoke people. It is a very serious matter and I am very confident that as far as the people are concerned they are overwhelmingly rejecting these sections of society they will not allow them and they will not do anything which may encourage those people."

He added, "The security agencies in the Government of India, Punjab will see to it such activities are curtailed and nobody is allowed to disturb the unity and integrity of India..No body is allowed to threaten lawyers or judges. The basic principle of judicial working is that the judges and lawyers are allowed to work without any threat, ill will or pressure from any side. If somebody thinks the system will make a decision as per they want. I think they have sadly mistaken, the system will never bow to such time of elements."

Top SC lawyers get threat calls

In a shocking development, many advocates on record in the top court got a threatening call for the UK in relation to PM Modi's security breach. As per sources, the call contained a recorded message by an unnamed group that claimed responsibility for blocking the PM's route on January 5.

It also warned the supreme court against hearing a petition seeking an independent probe into this matter citing that it was yet to provide "justice" to the 1984 anti-Sikh riots victims. Earlier, Republic had accessed a video of terrorist outfit Sikh For Justice founder Gurpatwant Singh Punnu announced a $1,00,000 reward to block PM Modi's rally. Furthermore, a secret intel note sent by the central government to the Punjab government also indicated that Pakistan based- pro-Khalistani terrorists wanted to target VIPs in an attempt to review militancy in Punjab.  

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