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Ashish Pandey Releases Video Justifying Brandishing His Gun At A Delhi Hotel. WATCH What The Ex-BSP MP's Son Says Here

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Ashish Pandey, the son of an ex-BSP MP, who was caught in a viral video having a foul-mouthed altercation with a couple at a Delhi hotel whom he proceeded to threaten with a gun, has issued a video statement from an unknown location where he blames the victim, alleges media trial and, and defends brandishing his gun.

Here is the full text of what he says:

My name is Ashish Pandey, son of Mr. Rakesh Pandey -- You would be knowing through the media trial which is underway on me across the country. I am being projected as if I am a terrorist and wanted and cops across the country are looking for me. Projected as if I am a terrorist and wanted and cops across the country are looking for me. There is a lookout circular issued against me. I am not denying that this incident happened that night. I found out about it 2-3 days later when the video went viral but the entire incident is being shown from in perspective and in support of one side. 

If a probe is done into what had happened, if CCTV footage is examined, they'll see who barged into the ladies' washroom and who really issued threats. Yes, one has to look at these things, when I came out I agree that I took out my safety weapon, I didn't show it to him, neither did I point it at him, I always kept the weapon behind me. 

People are saying that I misbehaved with the girl and pointed the gun at her. I didn't even address that girl, didn't even speak to her, I didn't even turn towards her. she pushed me, she even gestured at me questionably. his friend said a lot to me, which I will reiterate in my statement to the police, secondly, i have full faith in my country's law machinery. I will surrender through that and the way the media is conducting a trial on me for the last 4 days.

I want to tell you friends, that I am a businessman and it's not a crime to be a politician's brother. I am a businessman and even file heavy taxes -- have been doing it since the last 20 years. till date there is no case against me, be it slapping someone or even a civil case. as far as the weapon is concerned, it is licensed, I have it since the last 20 years. there has never been a case of inappropriate behaviour against me concerning that weapon.

Yes, I will go, I will surrender, I will put my point across. I only request everyone to examine the cctv footage first and see what had happened, who threatened whom, he threatened to kill me. i called the security, one must get a statement from the hotel security, from the staff of hotel hyatt. you will find out the truth. thank you very much.

Meanwhile, his lawyers have also released a statement where they reiterate his submissions and state that he wants to surrender.

Watch the video above.

Update at 11:28 am: Ashish Pandey has reached the Patiala House Court. Has not yet surrendered.

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