EXCLUSIVE: Gargi College Watchman Confirms Goons Entered Campus, Women Allege Assault

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Republic TV spoke to the watchman of the college who confirmed that men forcefully entered the college campus during the annual college festival.

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Updated On:

As a shocking incident of mass molestation was reported on Sunday at Delhi University's Gargi College, Republic TV spoke to the watchman of the college who confirmed that men forcefully entered the college campus during the annual college festival. Female students of the college had on Saturday taken to social media and had alleged that they were molested by men during their annual college festival 'Reverie'.

Releasing a statement, one of the Gargi college student alleged that, "8000-10,000 individuals accumulated in their campus". The watchman confirmed that the men had entered the campus jumping the gates and had damaged the property of Gargi. However, he said that female students can clarify the allegation of molestation and groping.

Gargi is a women's college of the Delhi University and entry of men during the festival is only permissible if they have a valid ID card. However, students allege that due to laxity by the administration, non-teaching staff, police force, and the RAF, the influx of men continued without a valid pass and after the time allotted for outside students to enter. 

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Republic speaks to Gargi college watchman

"It was overcrowded. This gate was locked. Due to the crowd, the lock broke and the crowd entered. Around 50-60 thousand people were inside. There was no possibility to check at that time. Everything had failed at that time. Female students are alleging they can confirm what happened. Police could have controlled but they did not come inside. Then, a team of CRPF came in. For a few minutes they were standing outside, and then they came inside, they were unable to do much," the watchman said. 

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Republic speaks to Gargi college student

Republic TV also spoke to a student who did not want to be identified for security purposes. She said that men molested, groped and sexually abused the students and that the Principal did not help her. She also blamed the college administration for lack of security. 

"We were on the verge of a stampede. It was suffocating. Men were groping women. They were rubbing their private parts. The principal was present on the campus. A lot of my friends tried to tell the Principal but she brushed everything aside saying that if you feel so unsafe why do you attend the fest. No action was taken. We cannot expect our union to handle a crowd of 40000-50000 people. The admin was responsible for security but they totally brushed it aside," she said. 

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Congress blames "right-winged group"

The Congress party's women's wing has condemned the attack but has jumped the guns to blame it on the right-winged group. However, when the initial reports of molestation on the campus came in, few students also alleged that the men were drunk, were affiliated to right-wing organizations, and were reportedly chanting Jai Shri Ram. "This cycle of violence and molestation of girls by a right-winged group is becoming far too common. The worst offenders of religion are usually the ones screaming God's name during the violence," the statement by the Congress said. Congress MP Sushmita Dev also asked how individuals in the act get away with it and no action is taken against them.

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