Gaya Brutality: 16-year-old Girl Heinously Mutilated And Decapitated; Family Alleges Gang-rape; Police Arrests Her Father Alleging 'honour Killing'; Locals Claim Police Was Lax

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In a horrific incident, a minor girl has been brutally murdered in Buniyadganj in Gaya in Bihar. The victim was only 16-years-old. 

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In a horrific incident, a minor girl has been brutally murdered in Buniyadganj in Gaya in Bihar. The victim was only 16-years-old. As per her father, she was killed in the most gruesome manner. 

According to the father's statement to Republic TV, the victim's body was found beheaded with stab wounds including on her chest, and her face was scalded with acid. 

The police has said that this is a case of honour killing and has arrested the father and the father's friend. They have detained six people. The victim's sister and mother are among those in police custody. The victim's alleged lover Pintu is also among those detained.

Speaking to Republic TV, the father said that the victim had been missing for ten days and that his family had searched for her everywhere. When they could not find her, they went to the police station and filed a missing persons' complaint.

The family says they were informed about a dead body of a girl on January 6, 2019 by the police officials. The family identified the body as that of the victim. 

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He also said that his daughter had last left home without informing anyone with Rs 5 to buy something and she did not return. The victim's father has alleged that his daughter was gang-raped.

"We have been searching for past 10 days. We have lodged an FIR as well. After so many efforts, it was filed and today this morning (breaks down) it came into hearing that a body has been found. The body was found beheaded, that was my daughter. I had two young daughters at my home. She didn't tell anyone before leaving, she took out Rs 5 and went out to purchase something. She had gone out to fetch something in the evening and since that time she is missing. They raped, they beheaded her and threw her body. We did initial search and findings then at the end we came here at police station. Then station in-charge told us that this will not do, lodge a FIR first," he said.

NCW Chairperson Rekha Sharma has said, "We have asked the member of NCW, Bihar to visit the family and submit report also added that the victim is minor so NCPCR will take cognizance of this incident."

NCPCR chief Priyank Kanoongo said, "We have taken cognisance of the case. We are seeking a report from the local administrations. Once, we have the prima facie report we will decide on how to go about the case. We will factor in every possible account while probing the case. If such an act with children takes place in the country it should not be tolerated and the commission is stringent about such cases."

Police accuse family of  honour killing, family alleges the victim was murdered and gang-raped

Gaya SSP Rajiv Kumar Mishra said that the murder is a case of honour killing that the victim's sister and mother had known where she was. He also alleged that the victim's parents did not want to register the complaint.

The police explained how they came to the conclusion that this was a case of honour killing. They said that the girl had eloped with her lover on December 28. She came back to her home on December 31. Thereafter, the family tried to convince the girl to change her mind about her lover. Following that, victim's' father sent her with one of his friend Leela Patwa. On January 6, the girl's mutilated body was recovered.

"The family came to the police 2-3 days after she went missing. They did not want to file a complaint. After they filed a complaint on January 4, the body of the victim was found on January 6. The victim returned home on December 31 at 6 pm, as per her mother's and sister's statement. The family said that she went missing at night after her father sent her with her friend. It is clear that vitcim's father had sent her with his friend. Based on the fact that she was seen alive the last time with her father we have detained her father, mother. and sister", SSP Mishra said.

The family has denied this accusation.

They have alleged that the victim was gang-raped and murdered.

The victim's father has said, "We want death sentence for culprits. We want justice. They mutilated my daughter. They gang-raped my daughter. We are from a very poor family. We need help from the government. We need assistance." 

Sources have said that the post mortem did not reveal any indication of sexual assault.

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Locals allege police laxity on the case, carry protest

Protests had occurred in the Buniyadganj on January 9 as the locals claimed that the police had not arrested anyone in the case. The locals held a candlelight march for swift justice for the victim. 

The locals have also alleged that the police has not been cooperating and did not take the matter seriously leading them to carry out the protest. The locals have alleged that the police did not lodge a complaint for 3-4 days and that they finally lodged a complaint on 4th January.  

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