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HATE CRIME IN DELHI: Racial Attacks On 6 Africans Over 'cannibalism' And 'kidnapping' Fake-news

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Shocking fake-news-triggered racial attacks have taken place in Delhi's Dwarka, with four Tanzanian women and two Nigerian men being attacked on rumours of being cannibals on Thursday.

The series of attacks took place in different areas of Dwarka, with the first calls being made to the police at around 7 pm on Thursday, referring to a quarrel involving a foreigner lady.

When the police reach the spot they found 200-250 persons outside a house. Two Tanzanian women, namely Assifa and Rizika were rescued.

Another call, the 6th received in the matter, was received at 7:40 pm from a woman called, saying that her 16-year-old son had been kidnapped by Nigerians. Later investigations by the police showed that nobody from the family had been kidnapped.

Subsequent to that, two more Tanzanian women, named Fatima and Esta were rescued from Old Palam Road of Dwarka.

Later, while searching the area, the police found two Nigerian nationals, Nwaogu and Ogbuewu, in a room, that had allegedly been locked from outside while they were sleeping. One of those in the room, Nwaogu, doesn't possess an Indian visa, and is likely to be deported