Hyderabad 'encounter' Is Police Lynching Not Justice: Subhashini Ali

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Senior left leader and women activist Subhashini Ali has called the 'encounter' in Hyderabad against the four alleged rapists-killers as 'police lynching'

Written By Suman Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:

Senior left leader and women activist Subhashini Ali has called the 'encounter' in Hyderabad against the four alleged rapists-killers as nothing but reactive justice or "police lynching."

'What does it mean?': Subhashini Ali

"What really happened today? What does it mean? Is the government, administration and judicial system telling us that they can't ensure justice? So that is why this sort if reactive justice should be resorted to? If that is what they are saying then it is a very serious moment. The fact is that in the name of one injustice, should we encourage other injustices?" Subhashini Ali asked while speaking to Republic TV in an interview on Friday.

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She further said; "Tomorrow if you are saying we can't do anything and anybody who can, should do it, then you will have on the issue of things to eat you will have lynching. On rape rumors, you will have lynching. Now people will accuse someone of something and nobody will bother to find out that person is guilty or not and will have another case of lynching. We feel very strongly that the justice system must deliver. Govt must ensure both justice and security to the victims. This is absolutely essential otherwise this problem will not go away." The left leader further elaborated, "I can understand the reactions and response of the families of the victims and the victims themselves. They have been deprived of justice. They have lost hope in the delivery of justice. They have been harassed in the process of accessing justice. So I can understand their feelings. I can understand the kind of thoughts they are expressing that at least something is being done.

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'So what is the problem?': Subhashini Ali

So what is the problem? The problem is justice is not being delivered. Victims are not being given any kind of help or security. Their families are not getting any kind of support. That girl went to the railway station alone. She did not have any security and no help from the government. The rapists have been let off with a bail while his fellow rapists have not been even arrested. And after getting bail, four days later he goes along with his brother and burns the victim. So these are the failures of systems. Women are feeling totally let down and unprotected."

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