IMPACT: Delhi Police Takes Cognisance Of Republic's Sting On Shaheen Bagh Organiser

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In a massive impact of Republic TV's sting on the Shaheen Bagh protests, Delhi police DCP South East Chinmay Biswal on Monday said they had taken cognizance

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In a massive impact of Republic TV's sting on the Shaheen Bagh protests, Delhi police DCP South East Chinmay Biswal on Monday said that they had taken cognizance of the information shared by the network, promising to take proper action on it. Moreover, he said that the police were trying to take legal action against the road blockages caused due to continued protests in Shaheen Bagh for over 35 days. Republic TV had stung  Shaheen Bagh Coordination Committee chief Sharjeel Imam who revealed how the protests were organised not organic, aimed to attract western media and later got politicised.

Delhi police takes cognizance of Republic Sting

Talking to Republic TV, Biswal said, "We will take cognizance of the information shared about the incident and necessary action will be taken in it. We will investigate into the issue and protests were being held at different places during that time. We have talked to some of the students who were involved in the protest at Shaheen Bagh Road No. 13 during that time." 

Shaheen Bagh Organiser STUNG; Reveals Congress fuelled protests from behind closed-doors

Republic TV stings Sharjeel Imam on Shaheen Bagh

Exposing the 'organic' anti-CAA protests occurring in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh, Republic TV on Sunday, revealed the 15-day operation carried out by ex-JNU student Sharjeel Imam from December 5 to attract the western media and block roads for a day. Stung by Republic TV's News editor Amit Chaudhary, Imam claimed that 60-70 students had distributed pamphlets around Delhi to organise the protests which began on December 15 at Shaheen Bagh. Currently, Shaheen Bagh is witnessing many protests mainly led by Muslim women, but is being increasingly taken over by political parties.

"We met on Thursday - 5 December and decided to distribute pamphlets about CAA on Friday. We got at least 10,000 to 15,000 pamphlets published and at least 60-70 students from JNU. Different teams covered Old Delhi, Seelampur, Okhla, I myself went to Nizamuddin. That is how it all began," said Imam, explaining the origins of the protests. He added, "We thought if block roads for a day, it will be good. The profit behind that is that we will get international media's attention."

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Imam: 'Congress took over protests'

He further revealed that the riot-prone protests were leveraged by political parties-- primarily the BJP and the Congress party. Moreover, he said that a cash collecting lobby had tried to bribe protestors, but he had advised them to donate food. He described how the Congress party and the Left took over the protests as the Delhi polls got closer.

"After we left, it was the Congress party that took over for the next few days. Their ex-MLAs were present for 4-5 days and Asif Khan was also present. According to me, after a point of time, they withdrew themselves and started fuelling the protest from behind closed doors. There are more people. The faction from JNU and Left. Not JNU, but people from Delhi's civil society and left-liberals," Imam said.  

Shaheen Bagh organiser STUNG: Watch him reveal the plot to catch the western media's eye

Who is Sharjeel Imam?

According to a report published by OpIndia, Sharjeel Imam who is a Ph.D. scholar from JNU had allegedly discussed burning the constitution one day ahead of the Supreme Court verdict on the long-contested Ram Janmabhooomi-Babri Masjid dispute. Moreover, a video was posted by Facebook group ‘Muslim Students of JNU’ on 14 December 2019 - a day ahead of the Shaheen Bagh protests telling the crowds to block the roads of Delhi. He is seen instigating Muslims saying ' Don’t Muslims even have that much in them to shut down cities of north India?'

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