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In Patna, Demolition Drive Turns Violent As Locals Pelt Stones At Police; City SP Injured

The Nepali Colony of Rajiv Nagar, Patna, was subject to an anti-encroachment drive where 17 JCB machines were used to demolish illegally constructed buildings.


A demolition drive in Bihar's capital Patna on Sunday July 3, turned violent as locals attacked policemen present at the spot. The Nepali Colony of Rajiv Nagar in Patna which according to the Police and the administration is home to many illegal constructions, and was subject to an anti-encroachment drive where 17 JCB machines were used to demolish illegally constructed buildings.

However, in spite of these demolitions being conducted on the court's order, as the drive began and as the bulldozers started to knock down the illegal constructions, the locals started pelting stones at the police, who eventually had to use tear gas in retaliation.

City SP and few other police officials hurt

Chandrashekhar Singh, Patna Deputy Commissioner stated that a few police officials including the City Superintendent of Police (SP) were injured in the stone pelting attack by the locals. 

Singh also added that the situation is now under control but the demolition drive will continue as the 40 acre land, on which the houses are built, belongs to the government.

The Patna Deputy Commissioner also added that the officials are trying to contact the land owners to check if there are any details to prove the purchase of land. ''The current situation is that over 5,000 houses have been built on the east side and the officials suspect that land mafias could be involved in this, as almost no one has any documentation and are occupying the land illegally,'' he said.

As per reports, the administration had given three notices,including a notice to vacate in the newspapers, to the locals of the Nepali Colony. Patna DC Singh concluded that they have arrested 12 people who were involved in pelting stones at the police and that further strict action will follow.

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