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"In The Name Of Women, They Want To Gain Their Vote-banks," Says Mufti Manzur Ziyaee Opposing The Passing Of Triple Talaq Bill

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:

The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill 2018 was passed by the Lok Sabha with 245 votes in favour while 11 against the legislation on December 27. The bill that criminalises the instant triple talaq will now move to the Rajya Sabha. 

Advisor, Haji Ali Dargah Trust, Mufti Manzur Ziyaee addressing the passing of the triple talaq Bill cited that if Lok Sabha had any plans to fortify the Muslim women, then it would aid them with their finances and find ways to improve the education of their children. 

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He said, "There is just drama inside the Lok Sabha, neither do they want to pass the bill nor do they want to do anything for our sisters (Muslim women). This is sheer drama. If they really wanted to strengthen our sisters, then they should give our sisters what they actually need. If they get divorced they should toughen them financially and send their children to good schools, the government should manage that. They won't do any of that, but in the name of women they want to gain their vote banks."

Speaking of the passage of the bill in Rajya Sabha he said that story would repeat and the bill would be stalled with elections. 

He said, "You have seen what happened in the Rajya Sabha the last time and the story will repeat again. Then they will try to get amendments but that won't happen. Time will pass in this, elections would come closer and after the elections, the situation will change, time will change and the bill would just stay." 

The BJP and its allies, in sort of a unified voice, called the Congress's stance anti-women and cautioned the party saying it will pay in the polls for opposing the Bill. 

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The Congress and a few other parties including the BJP ally AIADMK had staged a walkout opposing the Bill. They had cited the criminalisation of the triple talaq as their key objection and questioned the Centre on its motive behind the Bill.