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JNUSU's Aishe Ghosh Denies Charges By Delhi Police, Says 'no Video Shows Me Holding Rod"

Minutes after Delhi Police named JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh & 8 others for the violence in JNU campus on January 5, she denied all charges & demanded evidence

Minutes after Delhi Police issued a press briefing naming JNU Student's Union president Aishe Ghosh and eight others responsible for violence in the campus on January 5, she has denied all charges. Addressing the press, she said that Delhi Police should provide proper evidence for what they 'suspect'. The JNUSU has reiterated their allegation that the JNU V-C, administration and the Delhi Police are in cahoots under the violent attack. Ghosh has said that their demand for V-C's resignation continues. She asked if Delhi Police has a video of hers "holding rods or wearing masks."

JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh said: "I don't want to say anything on Delhi Police's claims but I have my evidences. I have my evidence about how I was attacked.  If Delhi Police thinks that they can end the matter by declaring me the suspect, then they are wrong. Are there any videos in which I am seen holding rods or wearing masks? No. Just because they said I am suspect, doesn't make me one. They should have proof.  Just to create a narrative. What is the proof that they concluded I am the suspects?"

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When asked about Delhi Police's claim that she started the violence outside Periyar hostel, she said: "I have not carried out any assault, nor was I there with any rod or mask. I don't know from where Delhi Police is getting such narratives. I have faith in the law. I have nothing to fear as I have not done anything. I want to know why is Delhi Police working in a biased manner? Why have they still not filed an FIR on my compliant, on the attack that was done on me?

Delhi police names JNUSU students behind three attacks- Jan 3,4 & 5, narrates sequence

Delhi Police suspects JNUSU involved in attack

Four days after the Delhi police's Crime Branch started an investigation, Delhi Police Crime Branch SIT head DCP Joy Thirke, on Friday, briefed the media on the ongoing investigation. Revealing that the JNUSU comprising of SFI, AISA, AISF, and DSF were responsible behind all attacks on January 3, 4 and 5 incident, he stated 9 students have been identified from the viral videos and photos - mainly belonging to the four organisations. The police also stated that the briefing was one of many in the ongoing investigation to quell misinformation.

Naming all the identified students, Thirke said, "Some Whatsapp group had been created at the relevant time around 5:30 PM. They then assembled and the 7 PM incident occured at Sabarmati hostel. All CCTV recordings had been non-functional as they were Wi-Fi based. Based on all the evidence of viral videos and photos and local inquiry, we have identified students mainly from these four organisations. Notices will be served to these people and to explain their involvement."

Here are the mentioned students:

  • Aishe Ghosh, JNUSU president
  • Vikas Patel, MA Korean Studies
  • Pankaj Mishra, School of Social Science
  • Chunchun Kumar, former JNU student
  • Yogendra Bhardwaj, PhD Sanskirt
  • Dolan Samanata, School of Social Science
  • Sucheta Talukdar, School of Social Science
  • Priya Ranjan, School of Language and Cultural Studies
  • Vaskar Vijay

Embarrassment for Left: JNUSU's Aishe Ghosh among 9 named in Delhi Police's JNU probe

ABVP and JNUSU blame each other

Both student bodies have claimed that the other student wing had attacked the students using iron rods, by entering hostels with the aide of 'masked mob'. 34 students and faculty members were admitted to AIIMS hospital - including JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh who was discharged from hospital on Monday. The tussle between the students was due to disagreement over student registration for the Winter course, as stated by JNU administration.

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