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Kerala: Ex-CPM Worker Alleges Wife-son Abducted & Forced To Convert; HC Orders Probe

a former CPM worker PT Gilbert has filed a petition in the Kerala High Court, alleging that his wife Shini and his son were abducted and converted to Islam


In a major development, a former CPM worker PT Gilbert has filed a petition in the Kerala High Court, alleging that his wife Shini and his 13-year-old son were allegedly abducted and forced to convert to Islam in Malappuram. Naming Kozhikode-based Islamic group 'Therbiyathul Islam Sabha', he alleged that the group had induced and coerced his wife and son against their will and had unlawfully detained them. Taking cognizance of the issue on Tuesday, Kerala High Court has directed the police to investigate, file a report and produce the mother-son duo in court within a week.

Kerala conversion row

In his plea in the Kerala HC, Gilbert claims that his neighbours - Naseema and Yunus had induced his wife to convert to Islam by offering her  Rs. 25 Lakhs and a permanent residence. Gilbert claimed that another lady - Mrs Bushara had approached him with the same offer, which he refused. On June 9, when Gilbert went to work, he claims that his wife and son were abducted to Tarbiyathul Islam Sabha at Kozhikode. When the police and Gilbert confronted them, he claims that a large number of people gathered outside the Sabha, threatening the wife and son in a charged atmosphere.

Pointing out that Bushara's brothers were linked to SDFI/PFI, Gilbert claimed that one businessman - Latheef coached his wife for hours before she was produced before a magistrate. Shini, Gilbert adds, was converted within a day and continues to be under illegal detention at the conversion center. Fearing the involvement of terrorist organizations, Gilbert stated that his wife and son will be trafficked out of India for terrorist activities. Seeking his wife and son's early release, Gilbert urged the court to intervene.

Conversion racket in UP

Recently, the UP police arrested three people as Mufti Qazi Jahangir Alam Qasmi and Mohammad Umar Gautam, under suspicion of allegedly running an outfit involved in converting deaf and dumb students and other poor people to Islam in Uttar Pradesh. The men had allegedly lured children and women with false promises of cash, job, and marriage, and later, converted them, states UP police. Under its new law, UP police has invoked NSA against the accused and will confiscate the accused properties soon.

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