Nirbhaya's Lawyer Expresses Satisfaction Over Hanging Of Convicts: 'Justice Is Served'

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Nirbhaya's lawyer Seema Kushwaha expressed her satisfaction on Friday morning after the four convicts in the case were hanged at Tihar jail. 

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Nirbhaya's lawyer Seema Kushwaha expressed her satisfaction on Friday morning after the four convicts in the case were hanged at Tihar jail. According to her, justice has been delayed, but it has been served. 

Speaking to the media, she said, "The way they had convicted the heinous crime, even animals don't do such crimes. Since that day, I had decided that I will bring justice to her. I am satisfied that I accomplished what I had decided. They received the maximum punishment that they should have been received."  She further added, "It would have been a happy day if we would have been able to save Nirbhaya. Today, I am satisfied that justice has been served." 

Speaking about the case, the lawyer said, "Everyone should learn from this case. There are shortcomings at every stage. Be it police investigation, trial proceedings, Supreme Court or High Court. No one should have to put in this much effort in getting justice, it should be served on its own immediately." 

Four Convicts Hanged

Seven years and three months after, on March 20 the four convicts in the Delhi 2012 rape and murder case were hanged to death in Tihar jail. This was the first time that four men were executed together in Tihar Jail, South Asia's largest prison complex that houses more than 16,000 inmates.

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A guard of not less than 10 constable, warders, and two head constables, head warders or an equal number from the prison armed guard, were also present, it states. Meanwhile, hundreds of people had gathered outside the Tihar central jail ahead of the execution on Friday morning to celebrate. 

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The Nirbhaya Case

A 23-year-old paramedic student Nirbhaya was gang-raped inside a running bus by six persons on December 16, 2012, in Delhi. The victim was severely assaulted and thrown out on the road along with her male friend and succumbed to injuries a few days later. Out of the six convicts, one reportedly committed suicide in prison, while another, a juvenile, served maximum punishment of three years in a reform home and was set free in 2015. The remaining four rapists were convicted and handed the death penalty by a trial court in 2013, confirmed by the Delhi High Court in March 2014. The Supreme Court upheld the Delhi High Court's verdict in 2017. 

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