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#CashForJustice | WATCH: Advocate Advises Client To Pay Bribe; Client Duly Obliges

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

For the first time on Indian Television, corruption in the court premises has been exposed. Through a series of sting operations conducted over weeks by Republic TV's Prakash Singh, Republic exposes #CashForJustice. The deep investigation sees 29 Courtroom staff stung, 4 fake bailors on rent stung, 3 accused greasing palms stung, and 5 cops as witnesses through it all, caught on camera, which unravels the story of corruption in the Indian judicial system.

In Part 4 of Republic TV's #CashForJustice MEGA EXPOSE, watch in the video above how an advocate advises a client to pay a bribe. The client then hands over money to court staff.

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