'One Nation One Poll': Chief Election Commissioner O.P. Rawat Says 'discussions Being Carried Out For Simultaneous Elections'

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Earlier in August, the Law Commission had submitted its draft report on 'One Nation One Poll', endorsing the concept of simultaneous elections.

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A day after Law Commission submits draft report endorsing 'One Nation One Poll', Chief Election Commissioner O.P. Rawat said that 'the Law Panel is looking into the matter and it will be discussed'. Coming out in support of holding simultaneous elections in the country, the Chief Election Commissioner said:

"The Law Commission has recently submitted a report on 'One Nation One Poll'. We have been discussing about it since 2015. The Law Panel is looking into the matter. It is a good thing."  

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Earlier in August, the Law Commission had submitted its draft report on 'One Nation One Poll', endorsing the concept of simultaneous elections. In its draft report, the Law Panel has categorically stated that 'One Nation One Poll' and the basic structure of the Constitution are mutually compatible:

"Even by any stretch of imagination, it cannot be argued that holding simultaneous elections would adversely interfere with basic structure of the Constitution. Therefore, the Commission comes to the inescapable conclusion that restoring simultaneous elections will, in no way, affect the basic structure of the Constitution, democracy and the quasi-federal nature of the Constitution." 

The report also weighs in on the twin notions that simultaneous elections would bring the country out of the constant cycle of elections, and reduce expenditure, time spent and workforce:

"Simultaneous elections can be seen as a solution to prevent the country from being in constant election mode. Thus reducing government expenditure substantially, not diverting the already short-numbered security forces, and above all, without causing harm to the constitutional and democratic set up of the country," the report further added.

It proceeds to lay out a clear conclusion:

"In view of the foregoing discussions, the Commission is convinced that there exists a viable environment necessitating the holding of simultaneous elections to the House of the People and the 18 State Legislatures.


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