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Sabarimala: Rahul Easwar Arrested At Pamba By Kerala Police

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Update: Rahul Easwar booked under 3 sections including one non-bailable section

'Save Sabarimala' campaigner Rahul Easwar has been taken into custody by the Kerala Police. The action comes after a number of women reporters were attacked on their way to cover the famed Sabarimala Temple opening its doors to women of all ages after centuries following the Supreme Court's verdict.

Easwar, who was confronted live on Republic TV by South Bureau Chief Pooja Prasanna who was attacked by a 100-strong mob at Nilakkal enroute Sabarimala, had made to offer an apology, though Pooja called him out for his politics played ever since the verdict wherein he had rallied together supporters for a protest.

WATCH: Republic TV's Pooja Prasanna Establishes Contact After Being Attacked By 100-strong Mob And Confronts Rahul Easwar

Rahul Easwar's arrest was confirmed by his wife Deepa Vijayan who said he has been detained at Pamba.

"Rahul Easwar was at the forefront and they had 125 hours of spiritual assistance in mind and they had resisted young women from entering the temple as it is against their beliefs. Latest I've heard is that he's been arrested, and earlier, three women cops who were trying to enter beyond Pamba and while inquiring, as Kerala CM had said no women constables would go beyond Pamba, he questioned them. There was no violence", Deepa Vijayan said

On further questioning, Deepa, who has also been a part of the campaign against the Supreme Court's verdict, continued to justify the stance, despite claiming to not be doing so, and repeated her version blaming the women constables.

Watch what she said in the video above. 

Rahul Easwar has been an ever-present on Wednesday, adorning a 'Save Sabarimala' headband and speaking to numerous channels drumming up support for his protest, which entails protesters blocking the way to the Sabarimala Temple and forcing devotees to cross over them to enter its threshold. He has sought a review petition in the apex court.