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Sections Of POCSO Act Added In Dumka Murder Case; Ankita's Age Corrected To 15

The police have added the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act charges in the Dumka murder case and corrected the age of the deceased.

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In a major development in the Dumka girl death case, the police have confirmed the deceased as being a minor and further added Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act charges in the matter. Earlier, the girl's age was mentioned as 19 years in her recorded statement by the police. 

As reported by ANI, the Dumka Police while correcting the age of the deceased to 15 years has added Sections of the POCSO Act in the case and leading the investigation in the same direction. Notably, this came just a day after the Jharkhand Child Welfare Committee in its report claimed that the deceased was 15 years old and thus charges must be added under the POCSO Act in the concerned FIR. 

The committee also noted that the girl's age according to her class 10 examination mark sheet shows that she was not an adult as claimed by the police. The mark sheet showed 2006 as her year of birth thereafter, on August 23, the age of the girl child adds up to 15 years and 9 months, which falls under the category of a child under Section 2(12) of the JJ Act 2015. 

“The Jharkhand Child Welfare Committee recommends the SP to add sections under POCSO Act in the matter. The Committee found out that the deceased was 15 years old and 19 as mentioned by Police in her recorded statement,” the Dumka Public Relations Office said.

On the other hand, the father of the deceased girl said,

“My daughter’s age is 16 years, the police might have heard it inaccurately while she was giving statements as she was not in good condition due to her burn injuries. The Police have taken her Aadhaar card and class 10th certificate to correct it.”

BJP alleges role of PFI and Bangladeshi anti-social elements 

In a reaction to the case, BJP leader from Delhi, Manoj Tiwari spoke to Republic and said that the incident was of preplanned thing and not accidental. 

Further mentioning the name of the extremist outfit PFI, the BJP MP said that anti-social elements from Bangladesh, as well as the PFI, have a role to play. "Suspected officials must be removed from the case and the case should be investigated thoroughly to avoid such incidents in the future", he added. 

On the other hand, BJP Jharkhand Chief Deepak Prakash also spoke to Republic and slammed the Jharkhand government for its inefficiency in the case. Stating that several attempts were made by the accused to threaten and harass the family of the girl, but no actions were taken. "Even after the incident, the administration failed to provide proper treatment to the girl. She was lying untreated in the hospital even after 12 hours of the attack", he alleged. 

Calling upon the inefficiency of the state government for not providing necessary help to the victim, the BJP Chief said that the government also did nothing to support the family. He also claimed the role of Bangladeshi anti-social elements in the incident further adding that the case has connections with "forced conversions and Love Jihad". He asserted that the investigation must be handed over to the NIA. 

Dumka murder case

The case pertains to the death of a school girl who was set on fire in the Dumka district of Jharkhand on August 23 while she was sleeping. She later succumbed to her injuries on August 29. The girl was in her house when a man allegedly poured petrol on her from outside the window and set her on fire. 

While two accused including the attacker have been arrested by the police, the Jharkhand High Court also took Suo Motu cognisance of the case and has ordered the Director General of Police to file a report.

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